February 25th, 2004

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Saturday Night's Allright for Fightin...

So I'm in a fix and hoping that someone can offer me a viable solution.

I am a Leap Day baby, so on Sunday I will have my first "real" birthday in four years. Naturally, I want to do something wonderful and fantastic with my friends to celebrate. My original plan was to go bowling at Garage, then head over to the Baltic Room for dancing and drinks. I have not yet been to either place.

Now that I finally have headcount, I called to make a reservation at Garage, and much to my disappointment they are no longer accepting reservations for bowling for this Saturday.

Are there any other places on capital hill, hopefully walking distance from the Baltic Room, that would be a good place for hanging out, prefunking, games (pool? twister? i dunno?). I know there are lots of "BARS", but I am looking for something a little different, that has some type of activity of interest.

Please help!!!
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Now, doesn't this sound divine?

Greetings Seattle Coffee Meetup Members!

***Below is a message from the Specialty Coffee Association of
America regarding your March 1st Meetup in Seattle***

We wanted to let you know about the March 1st Coffee Lovers
Meetup at 7pm at Dilettante Chocolates'.

Let's talk coffee while tasting fresh roasted specialty
coffees. Also this venue offers and a decadent variety of
gourmet chocolates and phenomenal pastries! **Please note,
venues do not supply free food and beverage but do offer a
fantastic place for us to discuss the latest Coffee Topics and
enjoy the "nectar of the gods".

Monday, March 1st

Dilettante Chocolates’
Sheraton Hotel
1400 6th Ave
Seattle, 98101


Time: 7pm

Please RSVP now for your Coffee Lovers Meetup here:

Tell your friends about your Coffee Lovers Meetup:

Enjoy your Meetup!

The Meetup Crew
Impeach Bush

A Whole Bunch O' Free Stuff

Heyall. I have a whole bunch of stuff I'm going to give away. Since nobody will buy it, and since the charities won't take it, and since I'd prefer to avoid just throwing it away, I have no real choice. I have no room to store it.

* Boxes and boxes of books. I have slightly older version computer books (Visual C++ 6.0, for instance) galore, and lots and lots of paperback sci-fi/fantasy. I have probably 8-10 boxes of books in all, and since nobody else will take them (trust me on that -- I tried three charities and Value Village today, plus Third Place Books -- nobody would take them.) They're in good condition, for the most part. A few dog-eared pages, but otherwise perfectly fine. I HATE THROWING AWAY BOOKS -- but it looks like that's going to be what happens if these puppies aren't gone by this Sunday.

* A bunch of random computer equipment (several motherboards, some EDO RAM (remember EDO?), several hard drives, and more).

* More, but I'm too burnt out to list it all right now.

If you want any of this stuff, you have to come get it, before Sunday, in Bothell. You can have it for free, but I won't hold it -- if you can't get it by Sunday, it's landfill.

It's amazing how hard it is to donate stuff to charity these days!
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(no subject)

Hi, I just joined... I'm moving to Seattle for the summer (from new jersey). I'm doing this by myself and I've only spent summers there.. I joined sublet.com and found a listing that sounds ideal only, I know Lake City isn't the best area but could anyone provide me with information on how the area specifically is for this address? : Ne 125th St / 24th Ave Ne

thank you.
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A hello from abroad;

So, I'm new.

Being a born and raised Seattlite, this community makes me a little homesick. I've been away for six months on a student exchange in the Balkans, but I'll be back next August.

Until then, I guess this will have to sustain me, eh?

Anyway. Just thought I'd say hey, and also, one question; seeing as I've found a new culture/home here too, I'm hoping to salvage what I can of it when I return with what there is locally. Thus, does anyone know of any Balkan (particularly Croatian, Bosnian, or even Serbian - just think ex-Yugoslavia) anything in the Seattle area? i.e. stores, restaurants, film, music, language resources, communities, neighborhoods, etc? I at least know about Kultur Shock, which I guess is a partially Bosnian gypsy-rock band that plays in the Crocodile sometimes, and I'll be sure to hit that up when I get back.

Alright, so that's all for now. Thanks kids.
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Hi everyone this is my first time to post in any community. THe reason I choose this one is because I currently live in denver,co. However after living here for so long I want something new. Ever since I was a wee lass I have had a yearning to live in seattle. Why I don't know Just have. I don't know much about it and would like to see what people think of living in seattle and what its like. I would ecspecially like to hear from some of the mothers that are in the community to find out what they think of the school systems. My baby is not quite there yet but it's coming soon and I want to make sure she has the best opportunities possible. Any input would be much appreciated.
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