February 24th, 2004

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Song Requests!!

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Hi, everyone. A few friends of mine and myself are starting up a cover band.

We consist of a female vocal lead (myself), guitar, bass guitar, and drums.

My question for you all is...what songs would you want a cover band to play (playing in bars and clubs and such)???

Preferrably songs that a female voice can sing (can be originally sung by men) and played w/ the 3 instruments in the band.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks ahead of time!

LiveJournal Meetup

I haven't ever seen a post about this, but I may have missed it. Just in case anyone doesn't know about Meetup (which LiveJournal was linking to on interest searches last I looked), you should. Anyway, this evening is the LiveJournal meetup. Here's the Seattle info:

What: International LiveJournal Meetup Day
When: Tuesday, Feb 24 @ 8PM
Who: LJ'ers and friends
Where: Mr. Spot's Chai House
5463 NW Leary Ave
Seattle, WA 98107
Find LJ'ers near: Entrance
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Scenic Byways

I am relatively new to Seattle. With the weather being so nice lately I want to go for a ride on my motorcycle, but I dont seem to know any scenic roads. Though the regular freeways are fun, they are getting boring lately.

I am sure there are lot of riders on LJ, so just wondering if you guys have any recommendations?

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(no subject)

Does anyone know if Seattle has any type of volunteer program to keep Seattle clean and improve it in general- ie picking up trash, planting trees, etc. ? Also, does anyone have any idea how Seattle ranks in comparison to other cities in air pollution/quality of a place to live?

I was walking home today and was amazed to see that there's just so much trash laying around. I'm surprised that I've managed to just blend it into the rest of the scenery around here. Pretty sad.
by lethebasii - revolucion

Sure, it's a last minute notice.

But, everyone loves a good party, right?

Assuming that you cannot get enough of quirky cinema, quirky black folks and the quirky kids that love them, do not miss the screening of Afropunk at the Re-bar! The 70-minute movie will be shown at 7:30, followed by performances by local bands the Femur and Black Night Crash and general Seattle-style debauchery.

The $9.11 cover benefits the 911 Media Arts Center.

See you there!
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I was wondering is anyone in this community can tell me where to buy FAYGO brand soda in or around Seattle proper??

Any info at all would be GREATLY appreciated!

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(no subject)

Coworker has broken his key off in his car door,and can't find his spares. Anyone know of a decently priced locksmith who can do the removal and an ignition/door lock refit, that won't cost him a disgusting amount? (I figure he's looking at $250 base) He can sit on it for a few days, but will definitely need it done by Monday. He's in West Seattle off 35th.