February 23rd, 2004


Best computer parts shop in downtown/SODO Seattle area

I looked in the memories and this wasn't in there...

Where/what is the best store (in your opinion) in the downtown Seattle/SODO area to purchase 1.) a new mouse 2.) more RAM 3.) more memory. By "best" I mean the prices are reasonable, the store won't deceive me by selling me bad merchandise, and the clerks know what they're doing in the way of selling computer parts.
Any good advice would be appreciated; I'm becoming rather tired of my defunct mouse and the neverending defunctness of Windows ME.
Alone [by me]

NPR Call-in Talk Show on Ralph Nader

Here's an excellent chance for you to hear the views of others, and to voice your own on National Public Radio. I just got the announcement for today's program, so here it is:

Nader Runs Again
Monday, February 23, 2004

National Public Radio's
The Conversation with Ross Reynolds.

1 pm Pacific
4 pm Eastern
KUOW 94.9 FM (Seattle, WA)
Call-in numbers 206 543 5869,
toll free long distance 1-800-289-5869

Collapse )

Jo Chamberlain, co-chair of the steering committee for the Green Party

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They do archive these on the internet, so you can still listen to it even after the program ends if you didnt' get a chance to participate.
Dude WTF

Got a Truck I can Borrow?

I have to move -- anyone got a truck or van I can borrow?

Yes, I know that nobody in their right mind is just going to give a stranger their vehicle, so this may involve you coming with me while I move boxes and stuff around for a day. I'm willing to buy you dinner and/or gas for your time. I have to find something this week.

(I figured this was a long shot, but hey, it doesn't hurt to ask! :)
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Is there already a community for Seattle surfers? If not, how many of you would be interested in starting one and carpooling out to the coast? I have been surfing for nearly 20 years (I'm 24 in march), I'm a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor, I also SCUBA. I haven't been out in far too long.
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summer 2010

hey all!

Hey fellow seattlites!

my name is chiho and i just decided to look at communities on lj, so nice to meet you all. I have lived on Mercer Island basically all my life and I am currently in bellingham. I am a business student and I currently attend Western Washington University. So yeah if anyone wants to chat or just say hi back, feel free!

Western Washington University
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