February 21st, 2004


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My friend, Peter, is going to Hawaii this Thursday to help build an enormous treehouse for Woody Harrelson. Thing is, he hasn't found anyone to sublet his room yet so, here's the deal. There's this amazing 125 yr. old seaweed-green house right across the street from me on Capitol Hill - SE crnr of Pine and 18th. It is filled with the most amazingly gifted people I know; writers, musicians, artists of every sort - good incredible people. There are 7 bedrooms and Peter wants to sublet his room for the entire month of March and possibly April and/or May.

The rent is $340/mos plus utilities - around $380/mos total.

You will never be the same again once you enter this abode.


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Hey all you Seattle/Tacoma people...

If anyone has two extra tickets to the Pixies in Spokane/Vancouver but you do not have a ride, let me know and I bet we could work something out.
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Dance lessons

Hey, guys. Memories section wasn't too incredibly helpful for this one.

I'm looking to take salsa dancing lessons and I was wondering if anyone has had any good (or bad!) experiences with a particular place. Perks would be a fun atmosphere (this is just for kicks, after all), U-district area if possible, and a place that caters to adults who .. well.. don't already know how to dance.

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does anyone here know which radio stations in seattle have volunteer oppurtunities? i'd really like to do some volunteer work again. also, what organizations in seattle are looking for volunteers in general??? like.. besides radio. anything!!
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Any of y'all know of a good bar and/or pub that plays decent music, (no techno or shitty dj's), has mixed drinks AND beer and possibly a dart board?

Atmosphere hopefully will be moderate to laid-back with no meat-market singles looking for drunken mating calls. Persons inquiring are two cute girls, but very taken girls. ;0)

Spanx!! ♥
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More Questions

Does anyone know of a good Cosmetology School that offers classes in the afternoons, evenings, and weekends?? (Preferrably in the Bellevue region, if there are any... otherwise, I can commute)

So far, all of the schools I have looked at only have 8am-5pm schedule, which is not an option because I work from 7-3:30.