February 20th, 2004


Large apartment for rent in the addition behind my house

I just got done restoring this 1924 four-bedroom apartment in the back of my house. I'm kinda proud of it, so go look at the pictures at the URL. ^_^ It's $1800/month, 1250 square feet, in University Park (the northeastern U. District), and includes two tandem parking spaces behind a gate. (I didn't build the gate. I built the fence! But not the gate. Welding makes me nervous. :-p )

Anyway, go look if you're interested. I think it's really pretty nice and it took me forever to finish. Contact information, pictures, and details are at the other end of the link. Clickie here!
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I'm still (slowly) searching for a roommate. I'd like to live somewhere close to downtown, Capitol Hill is my first choice. West Seattle is my second choice. I'm not interested in living any more north than that (Queen Anne is a maybe), nor any farther east than where 520 and 405 meet. I work in Renton, and will be going to school at Seattle Central next quarter, and UW in the Fall. I have a stable government job, looking for the same amount of responsibility.
The rest of my info is at http://www.ashleigh.gulag.net/apt
I'm looking to move sometime between now and June 1st.
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Boeing Credit Union...

I've been here for a couple of years and I really should start banking locally. I'm shopping for a new credit union and so far Boeing Credit Union looks strong on paper....Anyone use them? What's your experience with them like?

Anyone have an amazing CU that you'd recommend?


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I'm looking for a really great Mexican food place downtown, hoping you could make a suggestion. (checked the memories, couldn't find anything in that location)
I've tried Mama's, it was good. We just want to try something new!

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Does anyone know of a place I could rent out for about 2 or 3 hours and fit about 60 people in? Somewhere that won't cost me an arm and a leg . . .

I need to find somewhere to have my birthday party and, this year, my house isn't going to cut it.
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So ... I know this is far fetched but... Cutter's (the restaurant by Pike Place Market) makes this drink called "The Issac Newton" and I want to know if ANYONE out there knows what is in that drink. It is detrimental that I find this great knowledge. Thank you.
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Goalie for hire...

i realize that its pretty late in most soccer seasons but i would really like to start playing soccer more often than just once a week. so here are the vitals i'm 24 / male and live just south of seattle. i play keeper and forward but i am definately a better keepr than forward. so if anyone out there is looking for a keeper for their soccer team or a forward then please let me know. i would love to come and play. i would prefer to play on tuesday or wednesday night.
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