February 19th, 2004

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Tree pruning service

I've called two tree pruning services to check out our trees, and I'm astounded at the price difference. I live in Kenmore, and one place I called was in Woodinville, the other in Kirkland.

It's for two large (read: over 30ft high) cherry trees, several apple trees, and two large blueberry bushes.

One company told me it would cost $2200 to prune all of them - but they would haul everything they prune away.

Another company said it would cost $775, but no hauling.

Anyone work for a tree pruning company? Does hauling really make that much of a difference? Or should I shop around some more for comparable prices. Thanks!
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Passed a news van with a short clownishly made up woman standing in front of a camera practicing her lines. They were standing in front of StarknakedBucks with the camera pointed at Tommy's. I guess someone was stabbed there this morning, around 1:30ish about 10 mins after I walked by.

Window Dressing

There are 4 women, hanging from a crane in Belltown outside my window. They are protesting something, I am not sure what, but two are hanging down on ropes and two are walking on the top of the crane. Does anyone have more info, as I am at work and can't turn on the TV or anything?
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On my way in to work this morning, the slightly warm air reminded me that soon summer will be here, and my first thought connected to that smiling rememberance of all the fun that summer is was, "Yay! Farmer's Market!" followed by "oh shit.. do they /have/ those on the Eastside?"

For the past 3 summers I've spent nearly every saturday/sunday morning either at the U-District Farmer's Market or at Pike Place Market. Is there any moral/physical equivelent on the eastside? Are there any where the "Eastside Soccer Moms and SUV Dads" aren't the overwhelming majority of people? See, that's what I love about the farmer's markets on the westside, and PPM - yeah, a few tourists, but lots and lots of people who are physically local to the thing itself.

Shows Tonight....

I'm thinking of going to Studio 7 out of lack of something else to do. To see:
Gatsby's American Dream
Fear Before the March of Flames
Salt the Earth
The Divorce
Number One Fan


Is anyone else going to this? If so want to meet up with a geeky photographer with a bit to much free time right now?

I'll be leaving in probably an hour or so depending on when dinner is. If your interested feel free to comment, or text my cell (artwdrahn@vtext.com).

If no one goes, maybe I'll just meet people there that I don't know. lol.
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Tat Newbie Here....

I am getting my very first tattoo on my foot this Sunday. Can anyone suggest a good parlor? I don't really want to go on the Eastside, because it tends to be more expensive (I got my nose peirced in Kirkland, and it was A LOT more than my friends paid her theirs in Seattle). I was thinking Slave To The Needle, but I think you need to make an appointment way ahead of time? I just a want a very clean store and a talented artist who isn't annoyed with first-timers questions and squeamishness to do a butterfly on my foot after a design my sister did. Thanks for your help :)

And to those who tend to be a bit on the snarky side in commenting on people's well-meaning questions, I DID look up places on yahoo and google, I would just prefer to hear from actual clients, so please refrain from rude comments, thanks :)
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