February 17th, 2004

Phillip J. Fry
  • fryfan

Big Ass Book Sale!

Pistil Books is having a clearance sale on Saturday, Feb.21 at 10 - 3 p.m. on 1415 E. Union. It's right across the street from Perkatory Cafe.

"Thousands" of books will have to go, most of them $1 and $2.

I'd recommend y'all checking this out. Pistil is infamous for having rare, out of print, and just downright bizzare selections. It's where I got "The Life of God, As Told By Himself," the first book to shock and sicken me with one of its chapters in a good long while.

seattle area condos

i'm looking into the possibility of buying a condo soon, but i'm a firsttimeeverything and can use all of the helpful advice and referrals i can get. ideally, i'd like to live on the hill. i'm looking for something around $150,000 (1 br, 1 ba, no studio). i must have a w/d in unit --otherwise, what's the point of moving out of my crappy apartment at all? pretty much everything else options-wise is up for grab.

i'm not a deadbeat -- i have been scouring the internet on my own. chances are, there are places i've yet to stumble across that some of you may be able to steer me toward. here are some places i've used to begin my search:

john l scott, seattle homes, whynotown.com, windermere.com, mrcapitolhill.com, ziprealty.com, re/max seattle, lofts, loftyfinds.com, urban living seattle.

if any of you have any leads, advice, recommendations/referrals for reputable realtors, experiences or stories to share, etc.. i'd love to hear your input.

i'm especially interested in finding a good spot to compare property values, appreciation rates, all of that good stuff. thanks for the help!

Seattle party venues?

Hi folks-
I need your help/advice
I'm putting together a fund raising party for a film project that I'm involved with and I'm currently looking for a place to hold it.
Must not be too expensive
Must be a decent size (but it doesn't have to be huge)
We must be able to sell our own alcohol there (after all, this is a fundraiser).

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, OR if anyone has been to any parties in cool spaces lately and want to tell me about it I'd REALLY appreciate it.

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Oh boy do I need help!

In March, I'm seeing this totally awesome band at The Crocodile Cafe. Problem is, I'm in Spokane and I'm taking a Greyhound Bus to Seattle. I have no idea where the Greyhound Station in Seattle is, but I'm wondering if any of you guys do. Also, I'm wondering how far said station is from The Crocodile Cafe, which I know is on 2nd and Blanchard.

Any tips or directions would be much appreciated! And also, if you can spare a couple bucks, go ahead and get tickets for The Cooper Temple Clause on March 28th! They rock hardcore.