February 12th, 2004


I'm looking for some sort of martial arts studio preferably in or around the Ballard area, something that is more in tune for getting in shape. Anyone know of a good place?

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In case anyone forgot, The Stranger's Valentines are out today. If you can't find an actual copy of the paper [they tend to disappear rather quickly when it comes to this edition], they do list a few pages of them online as well. I've already recognized a few names, some LJ-specific, so if you're curious, go take a peek!

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If you were going to go to recommend a show tonight, what would it be? Don't say Akimbo. Preferably punk, pop/new wave or alt-country. My friend and I want to see a band and there's no one I'm really familiar with, except the Walkmen, who will probably be sold out. Thanks!

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My date for Valentine's kinda canceled on me (There is a reason that I'm not going into which is why I said "kinda").

So I was wondering if there were any 18+ clubs that were pretty good and open on Saturday night?

I checked through the memories and saw a couple of names, but didn't know if any of them were any good.
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Alright, long story short:

I need an emergency ride to Bellingham, WA. Like...Now.
It's about an hour and a half drive.

I've got 15$ bucks to my name (i can get more money there), and I need to meet with my evil recruiter and his commanding officer, otherwise they ship me away on monday.

I recently moved to Seattle, got a job yesterday, but I ran out of cash and did not know this meeting was scheduled this afternoon. They've been lying to me constantly for the past few months, and this is just their last trick to pull in order to insure that my separation request doesn't go through.

Please, respond soon.
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We hope everyone who can possibly be there will turn out for the DON'T AMEND RALLY this Saturday at noon at Westlake Park in Seattle.

Please remind at least TEN people of the importance of being present on Saturday to show a strong, unified front against the proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution. EVERYONE is endangered by the amendment--not just same-sex couples interested in getting married. Tell your family, friends, associates, neighbors, people from your church, co-workers--everyone you can--that they need to be at Westlake Park on Saturday, noon to 2.

The Legal Marriage Alliance of Washington (LMA) is a co-sponsor of DON'T AMEND. Please join us at Saturday's rally!

Stop the Constitutional Amendment to Ban Same-Sex Marriage SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2004, (Valentine's Day) Noon - 2PM
Westlake Park, 4th Avenue & Pine Street (Downtown Seattle)

LMA Board of Directors
--Roger Winters, President
--Barb Rhoads-Weaver, Vice President
--Bronwyn Allenwise, Secretary
--Roberta Domos
--Rebecca Dravich
--Troy Garner
--Alicia Lewis
--Michele Sorenson
--Trisha Sorenson
--David Stansel
--Michael Taylor
--John Wilkinson

Want Crossroads store credit?

Hey shoppers ! I recently sold a ton of clothes to Crossroads on Broadway and chose to get store credit instead of cash but at this point I am SERIOUSLY more in need of cash than clothes (which is the reason I sold mine to begin with) so I'd like to get rid of it if possible. The certificate is for $142 and I'd like to sell it for not much lower than that, so obviously you would have to like shopping at Crossroads a whole lot, but you can use it whenever you want and would be helping me out immensly. If anyone is interested, name your price and I will happily drive it over to wherever you are and be super grateful !
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I am at a loss for something early in the night but romantic to do tomarrow (Friday) night. I prefer something in the downtown area, but live up North so that is OK too.

Anyone know of a vegetarian restaurant and movie theatre next to each other?

Or anyone know of a great movie that is out right now?


Fire or something downtown?

Could someone tell me if there is something weird going on downtown right now? One of my friends has been waiting for the bus on capital hill for a long time and she's heard some rumors about a fire or something. She wants to know what the deal is and whether she should just start walking or what.

Any information about this?