February 10th, 2004

Impeach Bush

Hep Me!

Hey gang... I need to do some community service, pronto. Yes, it's court ordered (if you're gonna drink, don't drive!) and I've got a buttload to do in a hurry. I've sorta arranged for something for the weekdays, but this weekend I need to do something as well.

I'd prefer something where I can work for large blocks of time. Like 4+ hours would be good. I'm willing to do whatever -- I'm a programmer for the Evil Empire, so I can do technical stuff, but I'm also a big burly guy so I can dig ditches or haul boxes, if that's what's needed.

The only requirement is that it has to be for a non-profit, and whoever I do it for has to be willing to write a letter on official letterhead stating that yes, I worked XXX hours doing YYY for ZZZ non-profit. Other than that it's pretty much open.

I've already gone through the usual routes -- Volunteermatch, the United Way, etc. It seems that these days, just volunteering to move boxes for a soup kitchen takes a month-long background check, and cleaning the cages of homeless puppies has a two-month waiting list.

Anyone have a non-profit? Anyone know someone who does? And need a volunteer???

Thanks, gang!

-- Tom

PS: you can email me directly at prothe113 at yahoo dot com.
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He shoots...

Hey sports fans. I'm looking a shop with a decent selection of ice hockey equipment (new or used is fine), either on the Eastside or in Seattle. I know that Play It Again Sports in Lynnwood is supposed to have some, but somewhere closer would be preferable. My Dexonline search has yielded precisely squat. Thanks.
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Maybe you can help me out with a few things:

1. Where the heck do you get those giant wire and nylon butterflies and/or dragonflies? I have seen them all over the place in the last couple of years, but now that I am looking for them, can't find them. I already tried ebay. This is for a Spring Baby Shower coming up really soon.

2. Do motorcycle riding lessons exist (or is it too high of a liability thing for people)?? If so, where can I get some? If not, then how the heck are you supposed to learn to ride?

3. Do you think there are beginning ballet lessons out there for people above the age of 3 (You know, somewhere around.. oh lets say 21?)?? I wouldn't think it existed because ballet is all about proper technique and you have to learn that as a small impressionable being, and not one that has already been corrupted by bad posture and learned ways.

4. How do you get a hold of this Wax On Spa that everyone so highly recommends? I have used their online schedule book, called 3 times and left messages, and I haven't once gotten a reply. I am not really enjoying that so much.

Thank you, thank you.