February 9th, 2004


Question about Polly Esther's having 18+ night

I went to Polly Esther's about a year and a half ago and they had an 18+ night on Sunday. Does anyone know if this is still true? I thought I should check before some friends and I attempt to get in. If that has changed, where else can a group of under 21s go? I am having difficulty finding up to date information on the internet.
Gulf of Mexico

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I am on a search for a specific icon, and I think it was in this community that I saw it. Does someone here have the "what is more punk than Avril?" icon. I really like it, but there are a couple friends I have that would die happier having seen it.

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If you are active in the GLBTQ community, or just believe in equal rights for everyone...and you live in the state of Washington, read ahead! Or forward this to your Washingtonian friends/famil members. *muah* Y'all are great!

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This could be the year that Washington State opens its closet door!

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I don't think you're supposed to advertise for private communities, but I'm just so excited! *muah*

Yo everyone, I made my very 1st community, I'm all excited. It's for lesbian, bisexual, and tranny girls who live in the Seattle area. Please visit this link and join my community!!! It's called "gaygirlseattle"


Emerald City Comic Con

The big convention is just a few weeks away! February 29th at Seahawk Stadium! Come meet some chicks who were in Star Wars Episode I & II! Meet comics professionals! Get to see production stuff and get promotional items from Dreamworks Animation (Shrek 2)! Get some free comic books! Doors open at 10am, admission is $8 (kids 7 and under admitted FREE)! See scads of 30-something virgins venturing forth from their parents basements for the first time since the premiere of Matrix: Revolutions!


Unlocking and/or flashing my Nokia 3650 locally

Does anyone here have the proper equipment to unlock and/or flash my 3650, or know of some place locally where I can get it done fairly cheap? I'd like to do both, and I'd prefer not to mail my phone away to some far away place to do so. Since the Seattle area is home to two cell phone giants (AT&T Wireless and T-Mobile), I figured that at least a few of you would know.

Oh, and before you suggest unlocking with a code (the #PW+XXXXXXXXXXX+1# trick), it won't work, thanks to a mistake Nokia made in early 3650s and incorrect advice from people online.