February 7th, 2004


who likes vaginas? i do!


hey y'all.
it's that time of year.

if you want to see the raddest pro-woman/sex/body drama EVER, come to UW on february 12, 13 or 14 for the annual Vagina Monologues.

the show starts at 7, but get there way early for tickets.
tickets are $4, but if you want to volunteer (and get in free!) email us at asuwomn@u.washington.edu.

it'll be at kane hall here on campus. Need directions?

hope to see you there!

ps. if you need even more of an incentive, free vibrators will be given away to lucky audience members.
proceeds go to benefit Home Alive
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Has anyone heard anything about the Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl being in Seattle? Apparently it's been rented out for a party by someone my fiance knows....why do I know nothing of this?


Crystal Meats is closing at the end of the month.

we go almost every week. our regular butcher says that revenues are flat but their operating costs have quadrupled. the service is great, the meat is fresh and nice and the prices are better than the supermarket and nearly competitive with Sam's and Costco. they have the tastiest bulk sausage we've found in Seattle. the place is always jumping, if we don't arrive early enough, we usually have to wait for them to grind us more.

i just feel heartsick... if a place that seems so busy and robust can't make it, how many other places in the market will go under this winter?
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anyone going to see Keith Eisen (A seattle composer/pianist/improvisor) perform "Music at the Edge of Space" at University Temple United Methodist Church at 8pm tonight?
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This is a long shot.....

Quite some time ago, I spent some time in an all-girls reform school for bad little kids who did naughty things like smoke the occasional "J". And of course, (no offense to anyone), it had to be in UTAH of all f****** places.....ugh

There was a girl there from Seattle who was my room mate for awhile, and she was really really cool. She got me through a lot of hard times when all I wanted to do was bust out and go home.

Her name is Angie(angela) Noblett.

Last I knew, she had family out here somewhere, and I think it'd be awesome to see her and catch up on each others' lives.

If anyone, and I mean ANYONE knows her, please lemme know how to get ahold of her. Kind of a reach, but I figured I may as well try. We were there about 5 years ago.

Since then, I've received one letter.

Thanks all!!

(hopefully this works......??)
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Yet another Seattle community

When it comes to stereotypes, we live in the latte-chugging capital of the United States. However, I couldn't find a LiveJournal community dedicated solely to the topic of coffee in Seattle, so I made one: seattle_coffee. Discuss the types of coffee you use, how you make it, where you go to get other people to make it for you, your experiences in coffeeshops around town, etc. etc. etc.

I have to confess that my own motives for this are selfish: I'm trying to build up a little espresso bar in my home and I want to have access to a ton of knowledgeable people that can tell me where to get good ingredients and what-not. But I love conversation about coffee in general, so if you do as well, join up!