February 5th, 2004

glitter eye

trying to plan a family get away...HELP!

Last February we went to Harrison Hotsprings in Canada. We really want to go back and stay in downtown Vancouver were we can spend more time at Stanley's Park. I am looking for suggestioning for our family as where to stay.

Our family is getting older and we seem yo like some things are on way. My son is 15, very althelic, so a gym/sauna would be great for him. Michael will hit the cigar shops for stoagies for me to smuggle over in my bra.
My girls are only caring about shopping and having an indoor pool. My request is for room service that will bring me a dellectable desert at midnight.
We are planning to go Sun-Tuesday during midwinter break.

Any ideas as where to stay, activities we can do, we plan on going to the park, I will hit Robson street. Any fun activites we can check out as a family or check out on our own

I am looking staying Best Western Chauteau Grandville...I hope someone has some ideas, I sure got a big response on the net cafes..LOL

Thanks ahead of time!
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(no subject)

I have checked out the memories section, and haven't found anything regarding this, so I figure I should ask, and maybe some one can help. I am due to have a baby April 19th, and I am going to need a pediatrician. Does anyone have any advice on who to go to? Or even anyone I could talk to about finding one?
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Gulf of Mexico

Movie Help!

I am on a mission. Maybe you can help me. (And right now I am talking to you, the reader, not you, the ambiguous person with whom I am sending a personal message to over a public forum.)

Do you know of a movie that contains all three of these elements:
- Love, romance, mushy stuff
- Horror, scares, thrills
- United States Presidents (Abe or George would be the best, but any are acceptable.)

Quality is not a necessity. If you know of this amazing film, do you know where I could find it?

Explanation: We (my apartment) are trying to combine the holidays V Day, Presidents Day and Friday the 13th (next week) into one fun casual gathering.

Thanks for all these ideas! We came up with a few of them previously, but not all of them.

We also had a moment of brilliance: Ron Reagan, the President, was an actor! We are also looking for his movies.

Oh, and it became a costume party for some reason.... Any good outfit ideas on the love, horror, and/or presidents theme?
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