February 4th, 2004

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Free Chairs...

I just walked past Mama's Mexican Kitchen on 2nd in Belltown. They have a bunch of chairs out front and signs that say 'Free chairs' not good chairs mind you, but chairs. So uhmm.. if you need some chairs, go take 'em. :)
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Non Letal Weapons My ASS

There was an article hearlding the recent purchases of non-lethal weapons here in Seattle. The article also discussed the special training officers will go through for their use. Do you believe non-lethal means not badly hurt, just some bruises?
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Memories = Updated

For those who always comment on how lacking the community's Memories section is, I spent a few hours yesterday and today updating it. While I'm sure there have been useful posts made way back when, with how much you crazy people write, I don't think I can make it all the way to the beginning of this community. I'm still making changes and adding more, though, so keep checking if you don't see what you need.

Hopefully people will first think to utilize this feature before posting [Especially when it comes to tattoo/piercing/hair salon/dentist/sushi recommendations - Oy!] to help reduce all the duplicates and previously asked questions. Realizing new members join all the time and don't always think to do so, even if it cuts down on this a little bit, it's worth it.

As far as maintaining, I'm trying to catch new posts as they come through. If that doesn't happen, however, I'll go back and update at least once a week. If you have a specific and useful post you don't see listed in the memories section [Be sure to check carefully as there are a number of categories it could fall under.], please direct me to it and I will make the addition.

Thanks and enjoy!
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vegan bakery?

I need a vegan, wheat- and gluten-free cake. Seattle or (preferably) East side. I'm seeing ads for the Flying Apron and the Happy Cow - any opinions on eithr of those places? I'd be happy to hear about any other places you know of, too.
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I'm searching for places OFFLINE that have German music. Places like FYE and stuf have 'folk' and traditional german music, but I'm looking for stuff like "Die Toten Hosen" (great name, I must admit - the dead pants!), "Bro'Sis" (german band, sung in english), "No Angels" (ditto Bro'Sis), "Fantastische 4", and/or Rammstein. They have it online on Amazon, but I'm not a big fan of buying stuff online. So anywhere within the Seattle - Eastside and up through Lynnwood and those areas would be fine. I would prefer to stay out of downtown, but in search of my beloved German music - I shall risk my life (for I am a soft unincorperated king county girl used to shopping in downtown woodinville LOL).

The Sam Goody in one of the malls (forget which) had some imported backstreet boy cd's when I went through that phase a couple years ago, would they have imported German music as well that isn't the folkish/traditional music? :P What do you think?
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Wash. Senator Apologizes for Racial Slur
Associated Press Writer

February 2, 2004, 9:37 PM EST

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- A state senator apologized Monday for using a racial slur during an argument with another legislator, a blunder that prompted some black leaders to press for his resignation.

"I realize this has been very hurtful to members of the African-American community and for that I am truly sorry," Republican Sen. Alex Deccio said on the Senate floor. "I feel if the Rev. Martin Luther King were here today, he would accept my apology, so I'm asking you to do the same."

Some black leaders said they would accept the 81-year-old lawmaker's apology only if he resigned.

"This individual is not deserving of being a representative of the people," said Carl Mack, president of the Seattle chapter of the NAACP. He traveled to Olympia on Monday to demand Deccio's resignation.

Deccio used the slur Thursday during a heated argument with Rep. Tom Campbell, another Republican, about health insurance reforms.

He called Campbell a "n----- in the woodpile" -- a slang phrase similar in meaning to "snake in the grass." Both men are white.

Deccio said he instantly realized his mistake and apologized during the meeting. On Friday, he apologized in person to Democratic Sen. Rosa Franklin, Washington's only black state senator.

On Monday, Franklin tearfully accepted his apology during a speech on the Senate floor, though she said the slur "sears like a branding iron."

Afterward, Deccio crossed the Senate floor and hugged Franklin.

The senator said he does not intend to step down. "This should be put behind us," he said.
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Where to buy a shirt

I have a transfer that I want to put on a shirt and I'm looking to try to find a place that I can buy one single shirt. I'm not looking for plain old regular T-shirts tho, I know where to get those. I'm hoping to find a baby doll T or something along those lines. Does anyone know somewhere, I'll go just about anywhere if I have to, that I can find a place that has a wide selection of shirts for this type of reason?

Mattress For A screamin deal!!!

Back in August, when I moved into my small room, I had to buy a twin bed mattress to go with the bed frame/box springs I was borrowing, since there was just no way a larger bed would fit. I ended up buying a pretty shnazzy mattress which ended up running me about $300.00. It has a 10 year warrenty (paperwork included) anti-allergy cloth (I have bad allergies but I have no problems sleeping on it), and it's really comfy.

Here's the problem. I don't need it anymore. I'm movin out WAY earler than I ever expected to, therefore I have an almost completely new mattress to get rid of. To be honest, it's only been slept on maybe 4 months since August since I spend time at friends houses. It's in perfect condition, with no problems of any kind. First base was never even achieved on this mattress. It's a Sealy Posture RX mattress. More soft than firm.

If someone would like this mattress, make an offer for it. I can deliver it to you. I hate to see a near brand new, dang expensive mattress go to waste. For offers, questions etc email me (amberness7 @ yahoo. com) or leave a comment. Thanks.
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