February 3rd, 2004


Case there is anyone willing...

I'm a photographer (as some of you might know).

And I'm looking for someone to do hair and makeup for me. I really can't pay much (if anything) mostly because I'm doing time for prints. You of course would get copies of the pictures I take to add to your portfolio to show off people.

Really I'm interested in doing some fantasy/goth work were makeup and hair will actually be a bit challenging. I'm hoping to find someone who is willing to work with my creativity and with the models'.

If anyone is interested please contact me at: tweak@thetweakfiles.com I can also show you some of my portfolio and explain some of the future models I will be working with, and what kind of work you can do with me.

Thank you in advance.

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Vote today!

Don't forget that today is a special election for school funding levies.

Go here in King County for more information on voting locations and the issues in your precinct (whether you can vote or not depends on which school district you're within).

I'll resist telling you how to vote, but please try to vote one way or another, if you can. I voted this morning, and in Seattle there are two items on the ballot. I was in and out of the polling place within minutes.
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need a good lawyer that WILL take care of this ticket.

rahh! i'm searching all around, and i cannot find the post where someone listed a phone number for a lawyer they always use whenever they get a ticket. i asked this person how much in general it is for the lawyer to take care of the ticket, and he/she said around 200, i believe.

anyway, coming back down from vancouver bc on saturday, i got a ticket. my friends and i are thinking a good lawyer will be able to take care of it, because all the state patrol officer/trooper wrote down on the ticket was "negligent 2nd degree"
he didn't even write a speed! he said "that was bad driving, you were going like 90 and weaving through traffic"
i think he was merging onto the freeway .. he definitely was not camped.

the ticket is over 500 .. i'm willing to pay money to get this ticket taken care of.

referrals, please?? thanks.
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(no subject)

Hey Seattle-ites! Get a real kilt!

I'm tired of these phony 'pleated skirts' made out of Carhart's material. Those aren't kilts, silly!

There's a real kilt making shop in Ballard, run by two very cool guys who actually sew.

They even have a black-on-black tartan available if color scares you. And they rent kilts for special occasions.


(No, I don't work for them, I'm just a customer)

Do check it out.
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Planning a marriage ceremony/reception and looking for locations
(outdoor ceremony with option to move indoors, indoor reception)

We are also looking for a buddhist monk or nun to say some words before we recite our vows we wrote. We are already legally married, this is for friends and family and *us*. Any help for where to look for one willing to do this for a "non-practicing" buddhist? (meaning I am self-studied and....was rejected by one place because I didn't regularly go meditate and study with them.)

also any helpful tips?!?!?!?

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Temp agencies

Time to pay off the holiday credit cards, and I was wondering who can recommend temp agencies that are good and/or warn everyone about those to avoid. Personal experiences, exceptional contacts, and employment fields would be excellent, although any comments are sure to be helpful.

- - -

Since there's no postings about this in the memories, I did anyone interested a big favor and searched through the posts from January 1st, 2003 through today. Hey evan, maybe these could be put in the memories section...?

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There's a new internet/coffee shop dealie right off of 15th Ave W, as you're taking the Dravus street exit. Does anyone know exactly what that is? i.e. food? Anyone ever been there or have experience of it, or *godsend* a website address for it?
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Annoying car alarm -- that's me! (Any help / advice?)

I hate car alarms -- always have, probably always will. They've caused mountains of headaches, and have never to my knowledge particularly benefited me or anyone I know. For years I've repeated one of my favorite bits of hearsay, that car alarms are illegal in Japan. I hope it's true. I decided What the heck? when my new-to-me car came with one. And though I've set it off a few times accidentally (why the %$#@ would anyone want an auto-amarming car alarm? Especially one that can arm while people are still sitting in the car? What a royal pain in the ass.)

Which is why I am embarassed that my (parked) car has been bleating and blinking away for several hours of today without my knowledge or consent.

When I discovered my car was being musical, I turned it off with the keyfob thingie, and it stopped ... for a few seconds. Then started again. And again. The keyfob has a good (recently changed) battery, and obviously has some communication with the alarm demon.

CLICK / silence / [alarm sound] / repeat.

You can't start the car while the alarm's going, but you can while it's stopped. So in one of the alarm pauses, I started the engine. For a little while, I sat in the car reading the manual, specifically the 3-page section about the alarm, which is a factory install, not an even more evil aftermarket variety.

So I disconnected the battery terminal (just the ground) which renders the car blessedly silent and damnably useless. However, to do a scheduled and important errand, I re-hooked up the terminal and hoped to instantly start it and be on my way, but ... nothing. Now it won't even start.

I am not sure what's going on with it; I am tempted to say "The battery is low" since I've heard a low battery can generally mess up electrical goodies, including alarms, but evidence is against this: as of earlier today (when I discovered it was me beeping), it started like gangbusters, no trace of hesitation. And since then it's been disconnected.

So: I have AAA; they could tow me, but I know not to where. (Newish to seattle, and far newer to owning a car handicapped by a %$#$%^$%$^$ alarm system. I think of Saab of several years ago had one, but it too more intent to arm, and I think I had someone snip the right wires at some point, too.)

It's a Subaru outback wagon; since seemingly everyone in Seattle either drives one of these or has a neighbor who does, I'm wondering if anyone can contribue knowledge. Like "pull the green fuse labeled ALARM and all will be well." I'm guessing there's nothing quite *that* easy, or the thing would have little use as an alarm, right?

I have not gotten into the fusebox yet ... thanks a lot, Subaru, for putting the %$#^ fusebox behind a screw, in a spot no normal human being can easily get at. The alarm and the fusebox together have ticked me off quite a bit, obviously. My Escort (Ford / Mazda) had the fusebox in the same general location, but it didn't take a screwdriver to open, at least.

Any advice appreciated. What I'd like best is advice on how to cleanly disable the alarm so I never have to worry about where the stupid fob is (the loop on it is broken, so it goes in a pocket ... maybe I'll superglue on a split ring and weigh down my keychain with yet another annoyance). Cara alarms, so asanine ... "here's a great idea -- why not rely on a battery-operated device every time you want to drive your car? MMMM, let's make it easily breakable and therefore *loseable*! Sound good yet?" Idiots. Scallawags. Imbeciles. Stones. Dunderheads. Chowderheads. Abecedarians. Carpathian-bashibazouks.

However, other advice like "I am a Subaru expert specializing in electical system / alarm repairs. You should take my beautiful young sister out on many dates, in exchange for which I will improve the state of your car's alarm" is also appreciated, or even "Call Joe Bickelsworth, who fixed a similar sounding problem of mine."

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Tacoma Kink has arrived

Woohoo! We have just opened up a brand-spankin' (pun intended) new community: tacoma_kink. Post your pictures, stories, experiences, or whatever turns you on. Hopefully within a month or three we'll throw our first shindig IRL. For now, if you have an open mind, come on by. Hope to see you there.

Kucinich coming to Seattle, Caucus on Saturday

Coming up this Wednesday and Thursday, Kucinich will be in the Seattle area! If you haven't seen this wonderful, inspiring man speak yet, now's your chance! There's a benefit concert with Tim Reynolds from Dave Matthews Band (for those who like DMB).

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Also, if you are not registered to vote, register here:

If you are not planning on going to the Caucus, please go! It is Saturday, February 7 at 10am. Find out where your caucus is at http://www.wa-democrats.org. You can have an effect on the direction of this country! You can have a positive effect by voting and going to the Caucuses, or a negative effect by not taking part in the democratic process. We can be a powerful force in this democracy! Now let's get out there and make a difference in our world!
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