February 1st, 2004

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Presidents of the USA show at the Showbox

I heard the Presidents are doing two shows at hte showbox in March - one all ages, and one 21 and over. Has anyone ever been to shows at the Showbox, are the accoustics good, is it standing room only, really smokey, etc? I'm really excited about seeing them and am looking into tickets, but I've got a big asthma problem if the venue is smokey. Thanks for any help!
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Northwest Seattle!

You want a big screen to see the big game today? You want ridiculously cheap food and beer? You want the best in Irish Hospitality (not just a pint and a potato)?

Come to the Auld Triangle! Located 3 blocks south of Northgate on the east side of Greenwood next to J.T.'s Antiques. Parking in front of the pub and across the street at Arnie's.

Head down to see the spectacle! The BBQ starts getting unloaded around 4, kick off for the game @ 3:30.

Hope to see you there

-Ronin (the guy without the beard who will be working the BBQ)
The King

Mechanics on Sunday?

Hey folks, I was wondering if anyone knows of any mechanics who work on VW's who work on Sundays who are also certified emissions specialists? My stupid car failed the stupid emissions test and I need to get my stupid tabs before the cops pull me over and say "Hey your tabs are expired, stupid!" I've tried to call a few places around Fremont and Ballard where I live, but no one is open.

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ok guys, i posted this before but i'm doing it again.

i'm doing a school project on the gender and sexuality of sex workers. and so, i need sex workers to interview.

--phone sex
--porn stars
--even people who work at sex shops/porn shops

anyone in the seattle area interested in being interviewed? please please please please this project is due really soon. i can meet you in person or do it over AIM. comment here or email me at infinity2113@hotmail.com

hiding eyes

Grizzlys at Woodland Park Zoo...

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Vandals damage bear cave


Twin 10-year-old grizzly bears were awakened from their winter slumber at the Woodland Park Zoo when vandals smashed the outer layer of the viewing window in their cave over the weekend.
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Honestly. My only question is ...why. There is a very good reason for that piece of glass to stay intact.
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Need a roomy

ok... well i found some apartments...

i need some room mates... if you are willing to move with me let me know...

they are about 400 dollars a month... and i am willing to pay MUCHO!!!

so please, reply!

i dont care about smokers
i dont care about pets
i dont care about loud music
i dont care about anything...

having your license is required..

hit me up..
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Please don't hate me...

I have checked out the Memories section for this already... and I know you people are tired of these posts, but I really need a good dentist in the Bellevue area. I have posted in the Bellevue community, but there aren't a whole lot of people in that one.

I clench my jaw when I get stressed, and so my teeth are taking a nice little beating, and getting pretty weak. I would really like to get this fixed, among other things, before they all fall out or crack or I grind them into nubs and am forced to gum my food. o_O

The dentist I was going to is not so good and about 20 miles away.

The dentist that was recommended in the Memories section, in Redmond, is not covered by my insurance, or at least, not on the list of Preferred Dentists on the Delta Dental site.

It would be ideal to find one that accepts payment plans for work done. I have really basic dental insurance, and so I am pretty much only covered for cleanings, and 50% of certain things after the deductable.