January 31st, 2004

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Is there anyone in this community that lives on Bainbridge Island or out in the Poulsbo, Suquamish areas?

I'm looking into those areas to buy a house in as it's only a short ferry ride to downtown Seattle where my husband is going to be working (actually it's less than a 5 minute walk to work from the ferry, and it's better priced for more house and more land than other suburbs of Seattle, and less hassle of a commute in some ways). ;-)

Anyone have anything positive to say about these areas?


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so i'm new to the area. i've been here a month & i'm finally getting settled in to the point where i want to get out. i'm pretty shy & don't know anyone (except for my co-workers). where are some good places a shy guy like me can go to meet people?

Bizarre grifting seen in downtown

Today I was outside the Meridian 16 at 7th and Pike waiting for my husband to pick me up when I saw a grift that was new to me. I saw a man carrying a plastic takeout box with a clear lid. He would wait until a small group of people walked past, and then he'd step in front of them so they'd bump up against him and his takeout box would fall to the ground, spilling the contents. Then he'd hit them up for money to replace what he claimed was the last of his food. They'd give him money, he'd wait until they walked around the corner, and he'd pick up his box and food. He'd repeat this whole charade a few minutes later. He did this three times, and the last time he did it the people wouldn't give him any money. So he got really mad, and started saying very loudly "I hate whitey! I HATE WHITEY!". I was standing leaning against the glass window while I waited and he got right next to my face and said "I HATE WHITEY!". I just laughed nervously and he went down the street with his takeout box.

I should have called the police immediately when I realized what he was doing, but I didn't (I know this was a mistake). Anyway, if you accidentally bump a guy following this description downtown, beware his scam.