January 30th, 2004

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ok, so the freezing rain, i can handle that, but this scary wind is seriously freaking me out. i keep hearing things snap and pop and whip outside. I'm afraid my windows are going to shatter. eeek.


I HATE V-day...is there anywhere in Seattle that celebrates being single and I can mingle with other V-Day haters on the 14th?

Ugh..Valentines Day.
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Ok, so I am forgetful and stuff, but help me out anyway? Some very nice person gave me passes to the YMCA in Shoreline and I don't remember their name or their LJ account. I'm going to be joining tomorrow, just in time to get the half-off deal, and want to make sure that this super-duper nice person gets their referral bonus (they get one month free for referring people). So, 'fess up...who was it?
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Got Kittens?

My wife and I would like to adopt a very small, just weaned, male, short-hair kitten around six to eight weeks old. A tabby would be nice, but that's less important than the age and sex.

We've looked around at all the shelters and we know that there are a plethora of sweet adult cats that need homes, and we both have a long history of adopting such cats, but this time we want a kitten. There are two adult females already in the house as well as several birds, so we want a little fella who will have the opportunity to grow up in these surroundings.

If you or someone you know has kittens (or will have soon) please let us know. Thanks!