January 29th, 2004

hi im new here

i've lived all around seattle all my life. washington grown so to speak:)

anyways just trying to find some connections into politics in seattle...if i cant post this here could i be directed to where i might be able to?

im going to see howard dean speak this saturday in townhall in seattle wondering if any other folks might be there..
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Bobb’e J. Thompson Is On Air With Ryan Seacrest Today

Bobb'e Yahoo Fan Club

On Monday, I saw seven year old spark plug, rapper/actor Bobb’e J. Thompson on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

What an amazing talent!

He is the new kid on the Tracy Morgan Show

Today, Bobb’e is on the "On Air With Ryan Seacrest" show.

Set your VCR or TiVO for 4pm KSTW-UPN 11.

Let us know what you think of Bobb'e J and/or the Ryan Seacrest Show.

Hmmmm. I didn't know Ryan had such a big LJ following. There is a _onair for his show.
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inFusion Tribal Belly Dance events in February

Hello everyone!

Read below for February performances by inFusion Tribal Belly Dance. Please add to your calendars where appropriate. We really hope you can come out and support some of these great events.

All this information is mirrored on OUR NEWLY DESIGNED WEB SITE! Drop by and check it out. We welcome any feedback you may have, so write us!
-inFusion Tribal

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Newbie here!

Hi, I just got official word that my husband just accepted a job at Cray in Seattle and he will be out there within the next 3 weeks and I will follow at some point with our 6 cats and two dogs. We currently live in New England and have been dying to get to the West Coast, so this is very exciting. I have been searching on Craigslist for apartments and I'm hoping to find a short term deal for him so he can get out when we find a house to buy and move into.

So, now I have to start the whole house hunting thing. Is it possible to find a house near or in the city (nice and safe neighborhoods please!) that is at least 2300 (currently living in a bigger house now) square feet and as close to at least a half acre of land for under 400,000 bucks? I have been checking our houses on-line in Redmond, Wallingford, Issaquah, Woodinville, Duvall and Bainbridge Island.

This is so exciting and scary at the same time as we don't know a soul out there.

Thanks for any advice!


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video game design

does anyone know of a good school in the area for computer design, graphics design? my boyfriend wants to study this, and we've been trying to locate schools all around. there's always full sail in FL, but who wants to live there?