January 28th, 2004

gray woman


never bounce a check to Value Village.

i bounced a check there this past summer and failed to catch the mistake in my bank statement.
they sent it to collections and when we moved we misplaced the letter. though we had spoken to them, the collection agency decided to sue us.

my husband had to go to court over the matter, and we still have to pay everything the collection agency wanted: court costs, extra fees...

in short, a $20 check became $460 in costs.

they are going to garnish our wages to get their money.

i write this to let seattle know to be very careful.
we usually use our atm card, which goes through your account more quickly than a check.

Benaroya Hall

I want to go to one of the upcoming symphonies at Benaroya Hall but looking at the buy page I realized I have no idea where a good seat would be.

So does anybody have any advice what seating I should try to get at Benaroya Hall? (or at least the seating to avoid?) Here's their seating chart.

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I'm in the middle of moving (going to housesit for 4 months), and came across a ton of canned soup that I doubt we'll eat. I don't want to throw it away.

Question: Are there any food banks on Capital Hill that I can donate the canned soup to? I could even take it downtown, but I want to be able to walk it there between now and Friday if anyone knows of a place.

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Sewing Machine Repairs?

I just bought a very old (probably mid-60s) Singer sewing machine. Not surprisingly, it needs some work. Does anyone know of a good, not-too-expensive sewing machine repair shop in the area? East side is best, but I'm happy to drive to Seattle to get a deal.
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Valentine's Day Suggestion

For those [21+] still searching for something fun to do this February 14th, I thought I'd pass this along. My boyfriend and I went to the Big Picture before dinner last Valentine's Day and had a fabulous time. Nothing like kicking back in plush seats to watch a film, while sipping martinis and munching on popcorn.

This year's festivities are...

Break out that little black dress and join us for a special Valentine's Day wine & champagne tasting, dessert & cheese buffet and screening of the classic Gene Kelly & Frank Sinatra musical, "ON THE TOWN". We'll be sampling wines from Chile, Australia, France, California and a lovely pink sparkler from Italy.

Tasting from 8pm - 9pm, Screening at 9pm
Linger after the show until Midnight
Saturday February 14 - $30 per person
To make reservations call 206 256 0566 - space is limited