January 25th, 2004

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new digs

My guy and I finally tried the new place that took over the gross Burger King on Market in Ballard (next to Sunset Bowl). It's called Max & Boomer's Backyard Grill and it is damn good. It's family owned and operated. We figured that Max & Boomer are their dogs. From the looks of the place they put a lot of their time, effort and money to get this dream of their's going.

The food was excellent and the prices are terrific. They do take-out or dine-in. I got a menu before I left and looking at it they have salads, burgers, pulled BBQ, chicken, ribs, pasta, quesadillas, coleslaw, sandwiches and excellent appetizers. For instance they have coronados (jalapeno flavored stone-ground corn fries, served with sour cream & guacamole). The grilled (three) cheese sandwich is awesome! As an added bonus they have margaritas and a selection of beer and wine.

So, if you're in the area and would like to get some yummy food for a nice price I urge you to give these guys a try. Your tummy will fall in love.
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Seattle ecclectic

I'm looking for a book or website(s) devoted to Seattle's more obscure places of interest. For example, years ago, I picked up a small-press DIY book called Dr. Wierde's Guide to Mysterious San Francisco, which included such off-the-wall locations as the B of A that Patty Hearst held up, a statue dedicated to a man who hated statues, and the apartment where Louis told his story in Interview with a Vampire. That's the kind of randomness I'm searching for...basically any tour guide that lists Nordstrom and REI as an attraction is RIGHT OUT. Thanks, all.
Fear Kali

David Bowie

One available ticket....not the best location, but still in the building:)
four other(2 boys 2 girls) really strange people(the other girl plans on throwing her panties at David)
you purchase for either cash (40 bux)
or pre show drinks...
your call
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Invitation to Seattle Drivers


That's right Seattle Drivers you now have our permission to push the skinny little peddle on the right, this is the gas pedal. You now don't need to take half a mile to get upto 30 mph. You can now go when the light changes to green, you have our permission.

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