January 24th, 2004

gray woman

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where is a good CHEAP place to get those one-time-use cameras developed??

i have about 40 cameras (mostly pre-camera years ago) that i would like to get the film developed for. i am thinking there might be a place out there that would give me a discount rate if i had them developed altogether.

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Parking on lower Queen Anne

Hi all,

I am looking to move into a place on lower QA. One sore point is that I've got (one) car, and the apartment building I am considering has no garage. My potential landlord-to-be assures me that it's easy enough to find street parking after business hours, which would suit me fine. Any truth to that? The apartment I am looking at is located near the corner of 2nd and Republican. All comments are appreciated... mucho gracias.

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does anyone know where i could find band posters (like The Cure)? or just band merchandise in general in stores around Seattle.

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