January 22nd, 2004

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Your suggestions

The last few days I have gotten pretty bored being in the house practically all day long. I need some ideas of things to do to get out of the house for a while.

The limitations are:
a) preferably indoors because it's pretty darn cold out there
b) kid friendly since i have a 6 year old son
c) costs next to nothing or free because i am unemployed
d) i don't wanna drive too far, maybe about an hours distance from bellevue

I'd appreciate whatever you've got because going to the mall to watch the kid play is becoming less than appealing and I am at a complete loss of what we can do.


Is there anyone in this community who has (in the last year) transfered from a Seattle Community College (South, North, Central) to UW by means of their "Direct Transfer Agreement"?
I graduate at the end of spring quater, with my AA. I will have well above the required 2.5 (more like 3.9), I was the President of the Honor Society (currently just a member) and I'm on the Deans list. Both UW and Seattle Central can't seem to answer ANY of my questions, especially regarding financial aid/scholarships and the admissions process. It would be really great to talk to someone who has already gone through this, and knows what needs to be done in order for it to go smooth. I beg of you all...someone help me.
Also...I'm 19, still technically a dependent as far as the FAFSA goes, and my parents make too much money to qualify for anything. Someone under 24 (that's the dependent cut off) would probably be able to help more than an adult returning to school.

sorry for the X post.

Good Karma Alert

Passed on from msanborn

Friends of friends helping friends and so on:

spreading the word...

Last night, kittybecca's house burned down. She, her children, their bunnies and her housemates escaped with the clothes on their backs and minor smoke inhalation. They lost everything else--even their shoes.

relevantpink has set up a donations page (http://www.relevantpink.com/rebeccafire/ [ one of these days I'll remember my HTML!]). Please, if you can't do anything else, spare a moment to wish kittybecca and her family some good fortune. Pass the donation site on to someone else who may be able to help out. Any amount will help--$5 will buy a pair of shoes at Salvation Army.

*NEEDED ITEMS* Laura wears a size 14 in children's clothing and size 5 in Women's shoes (and whatever the kid equivalent is). Leah wears a size 8-10 clothes, and size 1 in children's shoes.
-Rabbit Water Bottle
-Rabbit food
-Size 7.5 Women's shoes
-Size large sweats and tees
-and pretty much anything else...

I can't think of many people on my friends list who couldn't spare $5 to help them out.. So how about it folks?

At least put a link on your LJ.. it takes all of 45 seconds

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For the past 10 minutes there have been butt loads of sirens going off (I'm right next the SPD) and there are a few helicopters circling around. Anyone have the scoop? Times like this make me wish I had a police scanner.
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Love to dance? Win $100!

Our new non-nude burlesque troupe, Glitzkrieg, has 4 open spots for girls interested in competing in a performance contest on February 20th! From absolute beginners to pros, everyone is welcome to come strut their stuff on stage. (If it makes those of you less experienced feel more comfortable, please know that 2 of the 3 girls already signed up have never done burlesque before.) Contestants drink for FREE all night and first prize is $100! What do you have to lose? Go here for more info:


Hope to see you there! :)

Tattoo help!

Anyone know a good place on Capitol Hill or in West Seattle to get tattooed? The time has come for number 4 and my tattoo artist moved, so I need a new one. Any help or suggestions would be fantastic! Thanks in advance.

Best Drink in Seattle

What's your favorite drink and where do you get it?

I'm partial to so many of B & O Espresso's cocktails, but my favorites would be the 'John the Baptist' (pear flavored martini) and their extra spicy Bloody Marys (made with Stoli Peppar).
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Book Club

I'm interesting in starting a book club and am curious who would like to join me. I've decided that I dont read enough and need to start reading and analyzing what I'm actually taking in. Thus the epiphany!

I know there are people out there who start book clubs strictly for women but I dont fully believe that's the best way to do things. Granted it wont stop me from being in a book club if it's just women. But I think men have good insight into them as much as we do; and with an open-minded male (I know a few) a great conversation could be had about many books one would only think women would read.

Anyways... Who's up for it?

Now, it's off to play some pool! :)
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