January 21st, 2004

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So Microsoft is at it again. They claim that a 17-year-old Canadian kid's domain name (mikerowesoft.com) would fool others into thinking it's affiliated with Microsoft's own site. Yeah, now they're demanding that he change the name. They're even willing to pay him USD $10!

Reminds me of of the time Starbucks tried to sue a small coffee shop in northern BC for sharing a similar name. What's up with local enterprises picking on Canadians?
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Third Place Books, Ravenna, this evening :) Or not.

World's smallest book club, current membership, 1.

If anyone else will be in 3rd Place Books (the Ravenna location) this evening, I plan to be there for a few hours at least, probably get there in the neighborhood of 7 p.m. -- feel free to say Hi! I'll be wearing full-on Stormtrooper armor I made for myself out of resin under a bright-green but otherwise stock Harry Potter robe, 6" pogo-stick shoes, a glued-on halo, and dozens of blinking (obscene) LEDs.

On 2nd thought, khakis, glasses, and a green sweatshirt. I made up that other stuff.

So far, I've only been to the other location (which I think is larger), and really like that one, but it's a bit of a haul tonight ;) First free evening in a few, some tea and books would be nice. From the pictures and website, I guess the Ravenna location doesn't have the full food court of the other one, so I'll have to nutrify in advance.

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apartment cleaning?

i am a lazy asshole. i was wondering if anyone had good (or bad) experiences with people who come to clean your apartment. i am looking for a referral and an estimate. i live in a pretty small one bedroom. i know. like i said, i am a lazy asshole. in any case, i went to craigslist and looked at services, but it's really hard to tell who is good and who is not and what not, so any advice would be appreciated. thanks much and have a lovely night.
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My birthday is this Saturday the 24th and I just found out that the Tool laser show I was planning on going to at the Pacific Science Center is no longer showing. I was wondering if anyone knows of anything interesting going on in Seattle that night. I'm going to be turning 20 so unfortunately 21+ events won't help me. Thanks so much.
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