January 20th, 2004


This restaurant was just opened up in the top level of Pacific Place, the same level as the movie theatre. It's Japanese seafood buffet, but there is so much more than that. There's soup, teriyaki, yakisoba, fried rice...then of course the sushi, crab, etc. It's SO GOOD. And the place is fuckin' huge. It probably seats about a 1000 people. It's been open nationwide and in certain cities in Asia, but new to Seattle. I went there a few weeks ago...oh to die for. I was stuffed to the bone when I left. It's kinda pricy, about $20 a plate, but still VERY VERY tasty. Just thought I'd let y'all know...
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Does anyone in this community have any experience with VoIP technology? I'm looking to set it up (as the long distance aspects appeal to me), but was wondering if anyone had one and what they felt about ease of use, quality, cost, etc. Also, can you use VoIP without using a router?

A couple of things.

Does anyone have any extra storage type things like... rubbermaid bins, drawers, crates, whatever, that they don't want and would be willing to part with for little to no money?

Does anyone know of a good way I can make some money? I don't actually have time for a job because I am taking so many credits at school, but like, I'm really fast at typing. That'd be a great job for me..... anyone got something they need typed? Heh. I'd really like to make some money but I just have absolutely no time for a committed job.
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are any of you displeased with your gas bill with Puget Sound Energy?
when we moved into a rental house that uses gas i was surprised that we had to pay a $95 fee to startup service.
then the bills came. this month's bill is rather large. itemized it was $86 for the gas and $40 delivery charge.
i don't even know what to compare these charges to.
i have no idea if that is a normal bill or what.

any ideas??