January 17th, 2004


home insurance

I'm thinking of looking into buying a house in Seattle (north end)--how much should I be budgeting for house insurance? My insurance company can't give me an estimate until I have a concrete address. Can you all help me with a range?
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Roommate Wanted in West Seattle!

2 girls, 1 guy, looking for a housemate in West Seattle.

Tortuga Lodging House is a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom house with lots of light. Rent is $300/person/month plus approximately $65/person/month in utilities. Utilities include: electricity, gas, phone, cable internet and possibly cable television. Deposit is equal to 1 month's rent. Room is partially furnished with a fold-away bed, night table, and built-in closet and drawers.

The available room has doors both to the inside and the outside. The bathroom has a shower/bath combination, and will be shared with the other members of the household. All bathrooms in this house can only be accessed through the bedrooms.

References will be required. Three references will be considered over applications with less than three.

We have a big backyard and a spacious deck, as well as a semi-open kitchen/dining area. We also have a spacious living room with a fireplace. The (huge) washer and dryer are downstairs in the basement.

Street parking is available. A bus line that goes downtown runs directly by the house. We are about 20 minutes away by bus and 10 minutes by car from South Seattle Community College. Westwood Center, which has banks, a grocery store, a drug store, a few restaurants, and other conveniences is located about 5 minutes away by car (keyword: Starbucks!).

Tortuga has a very friendly and interactive atmosphere. We often watch movies or play board/card games together, as well as babble about Lord of the Rings, Newsies, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Star Wars, among other things. So if you are a reclusive person either be ready to be pulled out of your shell or do not apply. We are not merely three people living in a house together, we are three people that are part of a family of sorts. So apply if you so dare, just remember “ye be warned”.

-Shawna, Jereme, Brittany
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take this stuff!

hey all :)
i put this up in craigslist the other day but havent gotten much response, so you guys are my last effort! please note, the bike is for $700 not 500...i tried to edit it but its still not showing the change :/ Also we are in everett not seattle! Sorry for those things.

see my ad here: free couch, doghouse $25, free comp stuff, suzukimotorcycle $700
the biggest thing obviously that i want to get rid of is the damn couch. my local goodwill doesnt accept items so does anyone know what i can do with it if i have no takers (other then sneak it to the dumpster when my apt. manager isnt looking =P)?

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The Seattle Lesbian and Gay Chorus presents:

Uphill Both Ways

A concert featuring songs of struggle, passion and joy. Life's challenges and triumphs as told through the lyrics of Bill Whelan (Riverdance), Ysaye Barnwell, Jonathan Larson of the Broadway Hit `Rent' and others. Come on out and join us for an evening of poignant and uplifting music performed by Seattle's inclusive mixed voice chorus.

On February 7th we are pleased to welcome as our guests Diverse Harmony, a Gay/Straight Youth Chorus. Please join us for this special appearance!

Saturday, January 31st and February 7th, 2004, at 7:30 p.m.
Location: All Pilgrims Christian Church
500 Broadway East
In Seattle on Capitol Hill
Tickets: $16, $12 for seniors and students.

For tickets and information
please call (206) 860-SLGC
Or purchase tickets online at http://www.slgc.org/store/ubw.asp

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I'm planning to move to Seattle in June and I'm looking to find a place somewhere young and with cool places to hang out. Right now I'm leaning towards Capitol Hill but could use some advice. I'm moving there from New Orleans but I'm originally from NY and I miss the feel of a big city. Any suggestions.. let me know
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Pretty bored boys needed..

okay just one really. Why? no no not for that. I have a photoshoot on Monday in the SODO area and I need to borrow an attractive male to be in a couple of shots with me.

Does it pay? No.
Will it be fun? Mebby.
What's in it for you? Well I did ask for someone BORED, so I guess it would give you something to do.

You would of course get name credit for being in the photo. And you would be required to sign a release.

Interested? Email me at photos@widevarieties.com and I will give you further details such as what time, types of pictures, who is doing the shoot, etc. Please include a photo along with your email.
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(no subject)

Psycho on the 44 at 7am. Walked on, cussed the bus driver out, cussed the passengers out. Everyone gets off, police come. Don't you love public transportation? Share your bus-psycho-related stories.
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Unemployment Issue

I'm hoping someone can help me with my question. I've recently been laid off and am getting unemployment. I usually file it online every week but the claim site has been down all week so I haven't been able to and didn't file my claim on time this week. When you miss a week, how much trouble do you have to go through to straighten things out?