January 16th, 2004



So, I'm planning to go downtown for a couple hours tomorrow/today/Friday between 12:30 and 2:30 or so and take about 18 pictures of random downtown things, probably drink a lot of cocoa too. Anyone want to join me and take some pictures too? I can bring a couple extra rolls of film if I can find them (I don't like using colour anymore). I'll aim to be near/in the Starbucks outside Westlake around 12:45-1:00 and the Starbucks a block west and a bit north of the temp central library around 1:30-1:45. I'll be the one with a camera and a blue sweater. I'll be checking email around 12 if anyone wants to email/IM me.

best DSL service?

i am on dial-up (i know -- the horror!) and am looking to upgrade to dsl or cable service. any suggestions? also, re: cable - i don't have regular cable. does that matter? in any case, i am looking for a cheap (of course) reliable service that maybe i can get a free month or two or installation or something.

thanks much in advance.
i do what I want!

As much as I hate to do this:

I'm currently broke, and living with my boyfriend to catch up on money and debts and stuff. I have two cats, that I can no longer afford, as much as I love them and everything. So I have two cats available for adoption to the right person.

The first cat, Sampson, is gray (he's my user pic), and is very intelligent. He can open door knobs with his paws, and he's so loving when you need it. But (and I say this with the fondest affection), he's got an attitude when he wants his own way.

The second, Fyodor, is white and fluffy, and also very smart. Picture the poster cat for Sheba cat food. He's very spoiled, and will force you to spoil him even if you don't want to. He enjoys tuna and chicken, and he will pull your hand toward him while you're eating to force you to feed him. He also plays fetch with crumbled up paper.

Pictures are available upon request. Please e-mail me separately if you are interested so we can work something out.

Newbie saying hi

Hello all.

I'm not from Seattle, but I have very good friends who live there and I have visited them a couple of times. Each time I have fallen deeper in love with the place, and wish I could move there.

It reminds me so much of my current home, Cardiff, that I feel a sense of contentment when I am there. Bothell WA is, in my heart, almost a second home.

Anyway, just wanted to say hiya!
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I’m at bauhaus right now... I’m the only Mac. Crazy... I don’t like this one but.
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