January 14th, 2004

Gulf of Mexico

Look out for hookers!

(I swear I posted this earlier, but apparently it didn't go through.)
This is kind of ridiculous, but I have to ask.

On Aurora/Hwy 99, there are occasionally signs specifying that it is a Prostitution Watch area. My friend was trying to tell me that those weren't just saying hookering was illegal, but that there was a deeper meaning to them: an upholding of ancient chivalry. It allowed police to suspect couples walking on the sidewalk if the girl was on the street side (as in a pimp wouldn't be a gentleman to his hookers enough to walk between her and the cars).

Does this sound completely crazy to anyone else? I asked him where he got that info, and he couldn't really give me a good source. Has anyone else seen the Prostitute Watch signs I speak of?
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(no subject)

Okay this is a shot in the dark, but...

I'd really like to visit a friend of mine near Seattle this March, but I can't really afford a week's worth of hoteling, in addition to the cross-country plane ticket. Since I'm just a "scary internet person" I could be a pedophile or an ax murderer or something, so her mom isn't letting me stay with them overnight. Which understandable, what with the scare-tactic media and terrorists on every corner and all.

So I was wondering if anyone could suggest a place to stay that's affordable--maybe there are some hospices hostels around, or even better, if someone is really saintly I could pay you a little for some floor space or crash on a porch or something. I'm a good person, and I'd be indebted to you for life. I'm open to any other suggestions, too.

I wanted to go March 19th-27th, and she actually lives in Enumclaw, so the closer to there something is the better, but driving isn't a problem.

Just figured I had nothing to lose throwing this out there. Thanks for any help you might give.


(no subject)

Will you or anybody you know be flying out to New Hampshire to work for Dean? I'm looking for those who would be willing to be interviewed by King TV locally and then in New Hampshire. Please comment here or contact me with info in my profile! Thank you very much.

Looking to Move?

I've been on the prowl for a new place...and I saw this one on Craigslist.
I'd like to have a roommate, because sometimes I get lonely. Sounds like a sweet deal. I'm not desperately trying to move out...so any possible roommate would have to be a good match.
If you want to know more about me, this will give more detail.
E-mail me or comment and we can discuss.
Free Child


Does anyone know how to work on a scooter?
The only place that works on them here is honda university and they are a rip off. i think the problem is small but i can't figure it out. i'll pay you if you look at it or have a truck that can help at least tow it to the dealer. it's in the parking lot at my school right now...
Any scooter or motorcycle savvies out there?????

Seattle Community

I started a community for people in the seattle area who are either getting married or have gotten married and want to give advice for those working on their big event.


Join up if you've an interest, yet another expansion of the Seattle community.
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