January 12th, 2004

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holy squid - i'm in seattle!

when the plane zipped over your golden lit city, i found it much more sprawling than i expected. well, didn't know what i expected. the needle is sort of big - will get a closer look today. everyone wears little hats here. very practical.
beware - i have infiltrated your town and will be performing tonight!!!!
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Swanky Bars

Do you have any suggestions as to where a girl might go if she wants to get all dressed up in her 60s sequined cocktail dress and dance to mod/60s/lounge/rockabilly music among other fancy dressers (this is especially important, as we love eye candy)? On Saturday night we had a hell of a time finding any place like this, and after stopping by the formerly loungey Vesper Lounge which was now totally dead and playing techno, being turned off by the hippies smoking pot in front of the Artificial Limb Company party, and driving by an empty looking CHAC, we wound up at the Twilight, which played excellent (and too loud to talk over without screaming music), but had nowhere to dance and we were way overdressed.

I'm thinking of scenes like the old Friday nights at Jules Mays, Club Mohair, Mod's Night Out at Habana, and Lucifer's Lounge (60s surf/psychedellic night that happened maybe once or twice at Machine Werks), and even swing nights at the Fenix before it was overrun by people in khakis. You know, basically fancy for the non-Banana Republic set.

inFusion Tribal Belly Dance performances this week (Seattle)

Wednesday January 14th
The Last Supper Club
124 Washington, Pioneer Square, 206-748-9748

Habibi is the Arabic word for "beloved". The Last Supper Club hosts
Planet Beat and inFusion Tribal Belly Dance for a night of modern
beats from the Middle East, North Africa, and India. Come down and
enjoy a fun night of fusion music and tribal fusion belly dance. DJ
Darek Mazzone (KEXP's WoPop), DJ Kazan (MTV Asia), DJ Advent, and
James Whetzel with tabla and vocals. Visuals by The Now Device. inFusion performs at 11pm You'll have a hard time resisting the dance floor with these DJ's--the music is fantastic!
Doors at 9pm, no cover before 10pm. $5 cover thereafter.


Thursday, January 15th
The Capitol Club
414 E Pine, Capitol Hill, 206-325-2149

Join us for exciting tribal belly dance in a lush Moroccan
atmosphere. inFusion performs every Third Thursday at Capitol Club. No cover, but plan to get yourself some helpings of the incredible food and specialty drinks--they really is *that* good! 8pm and 9pm, 21+

Call ahead for reservations--seating is limited!

inFusion Tribal Belly Dance
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I need some help, and I would be very grateful if some of you would take the time to help me. I'm on my High School Newspaper and I'm writing an article about sex in music, and how sex sells everything, how music is no longer about it's natural background but about the profits sex creates. So I have a few questions that need answering, and if some of you could answer them that'd be great. Anything you say may be published so I need your first and last name, also your title. Example: Snohomish High School Junior Marty Kay.
The questions are:
How do you feel about sex in muisc?

Does sex or sex appeal take away from the music, or add to it? (explain)

Do you like any particular artist for their sex appeal, rather than their music, if so who, and why?

Are you sick of music due to sex in it?

If you have anything else you'd like to say on this topic please feel free to express it.

I realize that the seattle scene had very little to do with sex, but music in general had much to do with it, unforunetly. Although there is little sex in the seattle music, there is some, so please help me out and reply.
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