January 9th, 2004


seattle clubs

can anyone give me info on Club Sky..aka maui..aka whatever the heck else its renamed itself..the old polly esthers =P ive tried google without much luck, prolly b/c they cant keep their name straight (at least i cant keep it straight). ;)

anyway, i think they have 18+ nights right? id like to know basic information like times/prices, etc. Being 20 sucks, too young to go to most places, but i dont wanna hang out with the lil kiddies in most other places! =P
thanks! :)

Custom glass cutting and clocks

I have a really nice table that I'd like to get a glass or plexiglass top for. It's curvy, so I can't just stick a square or rectangular piece on it. Where can I get such a custom piece in Seattle?

Also, I have a mantle clock that a friend made for me by hand a long time ago. I've lost contact with the friend and the clock has stopped working. It's just a battery powered clockpeice that's in it, and changing the batteries doesn't help. Where can I take this?

I've googled for places, but I haven't had much luck.
hiding eyes

American Sign Language gathering

So, I know I should have posted this sooner, but I spaced out. :Þ

Tonight, from about 5:30ish-whenever..

Northgate Mall Food Court. (Usually people meet by the DQ.. In that general area. But, it's hard to miss a group of at least 30 people signing!

Practice, being social.. The usual.

Anyone. D/deaf, Hard of Hearing, Students, anyone.

FREE! But, obviously, we will be in the FOOD COURT. So, maybe bring enough money to get something to eat/drink? Yeah... Whatever you want.

I will be there, and I know a few other people from my Sign Language classes last year that will be there as well.

Hope to see you there!
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