January 8th, 2004


PT recommendations?

Can anyone recommend a good Physical Therapist in the general Auburn area?
One was doctor recommended due to a car accident.

Fortunately/unfortunately the doctor did not have anyone to recommed without me driving all the way to Covington. I don't have to follow a network of providers since this will be covered by the party-at-fault's car insurance. I'm looking for someone near my work as I will have to be going 3 times a week.

Gulf of Mexico

Fire department

Spawned by the last post in this community -the 3rd and Marion fire- I have a new question: Why are there so many fire department dispatches?

It looks like there have been almost 200 just since midnight. There were 10,000 dispatches last year alone. Very few of those are fire, mostly just medic and aid responces. What is it about the fire department that they are ALWAYS on the scene?

Woodland Park bunnies to be relocated

Got this interesting answer from Mark Mead on the Woodland Park Vegetation Management plan and the rabbit warren:

There appears to be a serious mis-communication of intent regarding the rabbits and the VMP for Central Woodland Park.
The focus of the VMP is to provide a set of directions and guidelines for the care of the trees and vegetation within the Park. As part of this study we did look at the rabbits impact on trees and shrubbery. We have found no large scale impact of the rabbits to the site.
A rabbit protection group has offered to move the released domestic rabbits to shelter which will seek good homes for the rabbits. Rabbits are not part of the wildlife of this area, and domestic rabbits are at risk of predation in this Park. We feel this is an optimal solution to the problem.

Mark C. Mead
Senior Urban Forester
Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation
206 684-4113
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I need furniture

Does anyone know if there is a store similar to Ikea but national, or in the southeast? There isn't one anywhere near me in Florida and I really love Ikea's furniture. My new apartment needs almost all of the furnishings.

Thanks if you can offer any help. :)

Woodland Park rabbit update

The owner of the Best Little Rabbit, Rodent, and Ferrett House--the storefront for the Washington House Rabbit Society--tells me that there are only about thirty rabbits and they're all pets who've been dumped. They will be picking up the rabbits.

Someone who has volunteered for Woodland Park Zoo opines that there are more rabbits than that because he thinks the count was done in the summer and the rabbits have undoubtedly reproduced since then, and also because there are several colonies in the park. And my opinion is that people will continue to drop off cute little bunnies that they've gotten as Easter presents--if not here, someplace else.

I'd still say go to the meeting if you're interested. Other ways to help would be to make donations to the House Rabbit Society or the Best Little Rabbit, Rodent, and Ferret House. Best Little etc. is a terrific nonprofit org that operates as a no-kill shelter on very little money for abandoned rodents, rabbits, and ferrets--and many of these animals end up abandoned, as often people just don't know what they're getting into when they get one of these animals as pets.

Seems to me that the bottom line on this is really to convince petsellers not to sell rabbits as pets without making sure the buyer understands the commitment involved in getting a rabbit--a companion that needs space, affection, clean surroundings, and regular veterinary care, and can live 15 - 18 years.
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