January 7th, 2004



I was up half the night with a toothache. Actually, it's more of a jaw-ache. Ever since I had that crown put in a few months ago, sometimes the entire left lower jaw just hurts. Deeply. I think it's caused by stress and the accompanying jaw clenching. So lots of Ibuprofen and an ice pack, and a wonderful husband to soothe my brow and I finally got to sleep around 3:00am. Wish I was still there. But, I'm at work and must go file something.

Do you ever wonder if some of our modern medicine might harm more than help? I like the idea of trusting doctors and dentists and such, but then something like this happens (and it's happened more than once) and it makes me wonder. After we move I intend to find a wonderful integrated medicine center with things like accupuncture and herbs alongside modern medicine, and really researching dentists and such rather than just relying on the luck of the draw in the insurance lists. Any recommendations for the Seattle/Tacoma area?
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So I need to send out a request to all of you...

If any of you know of a job opening, please let me know. The individual I am trying to help is a 27year old big strapping male. He was laid off on Xmas Eve (the bastards). He has experience ranging from working with NARAL restructuring a portion of their web site, to disaster relief services, prep cook, warehouse work, retail at REI, literacy tutor. He's good with computers, but his skill level is not adequate to qualify for a straight IT job. He's very intelligent, he has a BA in Philosophy with honors from the UW, which combined with $1.50 will buy him a coffee. Seattle metro area only as he is a good conservationist and doesn't own a car. Pay is not such a big issue, employment is good, benefits are better.

I understand that no one can just offer him a job, but please let me know about any job openings you know of that you think he might have a good chance of qualifying for.

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Habibi at Last Supper Club TONIGHT!

TONIGHT Wednesday, January 7th
The Last Supper Club
124 Washington, Pioneer Square, 206-748-9748
The snow is continuing to wash away, and your path is clear--COME TO HABIBI TONIGHT! Dance away your slushy winter blues. Warm up with a stiff drink, and shake a tailfeather on the dance floor to your favorite music.
Habibi is the Arabic word for "beloved". The Last Supper Club hosts Planet Beat and inFusion Tribal Belly Dance for a night of modern beats from the Middle East, North Africa, and India. Come down and enjoy a fun night of fusion music and tribal fusion belly dance. DJ Darek Mazzone (KEXP's WoPop), DJ Kazan (MTV Asia), DJ Advent, and James Whetzel with tabla and vocals. Visuals by The Now Device
Doors at 9pm, no cover before 10pm. $5 cover thereafter
inFusion performs at 11pm
No cover before 10pm, $5 after. Doors open at 9pm.
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Can anyone give me any clues on where I can find a terrific pair of cateye frames?

(Vintage or otherwise)

Any help would be much appreciated!
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Jan. 15: Woodland Park Vegetation Management Plan and rabbits

Seattle Parks and Recreation will be holding the final meeting for the Central Woodland Park Vegetation Management Plan on Thursday, Jan. 15, from 7 - 8:30 PM at the Parks and Recreation North Division Headquarters at 8061 Densmore Ave. N.

I am told by my veterinarian that buried in the text of this plan is a proposal to exterminate the rabbits that have long had a warren in Woodland Park. I cannot confirm that because I can't find any information posted on the Internet that pertains to this plan.

If you're interested in this issue, consider attending the meeting, or contact Mark Mead, 206-684-4113, mark.mead@seattle.gov, for more information. I will send him an email and try to clarify what I've heard about the extermination of the rabbits and let you know if I hear back.


If you are interested, there is a Buddhism meetup tomorrow at the

Uptown Espresso
2504 4th Ave, Seattle
@ 7:00PM

It is informal, and just open discussions. I think we are all students.
Look for the Red meet up sign.