January 6th, 2004



-- 2"-8"?? Right..... I think I've got maybe a half an inch out my window (Wallingford) and looking at the traffic cams shows that my work (Redmond) has none. Woo... Looks like I'm going in.

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God I love living on top of Queen Anne.

Hello work? Yeah, The road is closed and my bus isn't running. Booyeah. Funny shit for someone who's used to 4 feet of snow and STILL having to go into work.

Be safe!!!!!

Thanks For all the replies

hey this is like the first community i have ever joined and i wanted to thank everyone that replied, even the person that said ellensburg sucks,,which it can but it also can be pretty exciting depending on the peeps you chill wit, i have had a good time here, some crazy fun times, as well as getting good grades which can be very amazing if your me!!! i hope you all are having a good day, that the feelings of freedom and spirituality are helping your day be very fullfilling, make it count!!!
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he likes you

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Look at this snow nonsense we have up north. I live in Edmonds but I work in Seattle on Capitol Hill and so I cant get in today but we have like nothing here. It is getting worse though. I took these pictures like maybe an house ago.

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I might take more later...because its getting worse here...maybe itll acutally COVER THE GRASS :-O

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Snow snow snow!

UW just updated their site:

UW Seattle remains open, but due to continuing weather conditions classes will be cancelled as of 12:30 p.m.

Bothell and Tacoma had closed earlier today.

No class tonight!!
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Cold winter?

I haven't lived in Seattle since June but I keep an eye on Seattle's weather to see how my friends are getting along. It strikes me that this has been a pretty snowy and cold winter for Seattle. Is that the general feeling or just the spin I get from the random times I look in at Yahoo weather?

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HOLY CRAP! Someone, please, tell me where there are some good places to go sledding (preferrably, in or near Ballard) before all this good stuff melts away! I'm from Everett but I'm kinda stuck down here at my girlfriends (tho, I'm not complaining).

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Hey Capital Hill Kids!

On Bellevue and Denny, there's a huge party going on, with a snowboarder/sledding hill, tons of people, music blasting, and the street is closed!

Come on down! I can see it all from my apartment window, they are sledding right below me.
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So... Anyone know where I can get a cheap clip-on tie that looks decent? My new job requires me to wear a tie, and I see a tie as more of a corporate noose than anything else, and I'd rather not have the thing choking the life out of me all day. I'm also lazy and don't want to have to tie a tie every morning.

so, suggestions?
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so how are the roads out there? i haven't driven all day but really want to go run some errands. does anyone know what roads are closed and where is okay to drive? (esp. for a little toyota)

roommate wanted in U-Dist.

Hey guys. My friend's roommate is running out on her so she needs to find someone to fill his part of the lease until June. I don't know the name of the complex but it's peach and it's in the U-District. It's a 2 bedroom/1 bath and half of the rent is $425. If you're interested, or have any other questions, please feel free to contact me:

AIM: Musical DreamerX (@aol.com)
Yahoo: musicalxdreams

Thanks for reading! :)

Snow Crash Videos!

This is how we spent our morning.

Don't feel too bad for the people involved, they were all total morons who insisted on driving up our hill although there are several alternate flat roads at both the top and the bottom. We saw 3 car crashes in half an hour, and even after they put road blocks up, people completely ignored them, only to slide right back down into the busy intersection. It was hilarious!
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Bad Form!

Talk about rude!

The intersection of Bellevue and Denny on Capital Hill...after hours and hours of 100-300 people sledding down it all day,

Is Trashed.

Thank you very much for trashing my neighborhood. My boyfriend and I are now going to go outside and clean up the discarded sleds/broken laundry baskets/cardboard "sleds", beer/soda cans, coffee cups, and trash bags.

Anyone in the area want to help out? It really looks disgusting. We'd really appreciate it, and would love the help.
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So...I'm relativly new to the area and just not sure if i'm in the right place.

I hear there are the 'cool' parts of seattle and the 'not-so-good' parts... Anyone have any feelings about this? Where are the cool areas to live? I've heard meantion of the Bellevue area, but just dunno...whadda ya think?
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How embarassing...... I'd hate to be one of the many people the news is randomly showing falling.... Channel 13 just showed a girl in red totally falling down on her back! ouch! Hope you all are okay! Don't worry I am just as much of a clutz.... I fall even when its not slippery out :)

So think most of us will be headed to work tomorrow? ICK! Ichy Slush, no thanks!
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Seattle Animal Shelter has free doghouses for pets in need

Don Jordan (206)386-4286
Katherine Schubert-Knapp (206) 684-0909
Kathy Sugiyama (206) 684-0909

The dog houses were donated through the shelter's fourth annual "doghouse drive." Through Dec. 31, 2003, the shelter will continue to accept donations of new and used, good-quality doghouses and dog igloos.

If you're interested in
Fostering sick or to young to adopt out animals click the link.

Interested in becoming a animal shelter volunteer :
Volunteer Orientation 1/17/2004

Please be on time. We will only be able to accommodate the first 100 people. Please call 615-0820 for dates of additional required training. All volunteers must be 18 years old and work a minimum of 8 hrs./month for 6 months.
Start Time: Noon!
Location: North Seattle Community College Rm#2843 Dr. Ku education building
Cost: no charge
Contact: Seattle Animal Shelter 206-386-PETS
Sponsored by: Seattle Animal Shelter

Just in case someof you might have been interested in this. :D
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sledding drama

I went sledding, along with half my neighborhood on Eastlake and Lynn today, was totally fun, 'specailly because people were v. sharing with their sledding impliments. (Someone lent me a snowboard to play on, and someone else lent me a huge inflateble intertube, much better then the cardboard i was attempting to use) Much fun was had until some woman decided that the sled hill would be good driving, even though there were sledders and peds all over it.

Us sledders weren't happy, and the spectators also werent' happy, and began to pelt the lady with snow balls (made from snow off of her own car) get physically in her way, and yell a whole bunch. Lady, then freaked out, and rolled down her window to call . . . the police maybe? her mom? I don't know, but she's just sitting there, blocking are beloved sledding hill with her stupid SUV. One of the more vocal sledders, thought it would be really amusing to lay down next to her parked car and pretend that she had hit him. "Ouch! my leg!" while hitting his sled against the ground.

Us spectators were amused, and cheering him on, while lady, instead of just driving away and giving us an evil eye, continues to talk on her phone and begins to cry. I get bored, and sled some more, so do some others, but the lady continues to sit there. Even the guy gets bored, and sleds too. Eventually people begin to disperse, assuming correctly, that the cops are probably going to show up and make them disperse. I was kinda pissed.

On the one hand, mob mentality kicked in, and we were mean to the stupid woman, on the other hand, she was driving up an obviously being used hill, and ignoring the fact that we were waving her to a side street. She also could have had a sense of humor that she was ruining our fun, and just driven away, instead she had to cause a scene.

In spite of all that, sledding was bad ass! Too bad we don't get more snow, 'cept i'm deeply afraid to drive in it.