January 5th, 2004


stress !

can anyone recommend a really good yoga class?

preferably north of downtown and under $60/session. i've never done yoga before, and i'm not really interested in the spiritual aspect as much as i am in just getting some good teaching on breathing, positions, and meditation. i'm pretty sure i've gotten to the point where if i don't lower my stress level i'll probably explode.
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TMJ doctor recommendations

I'm looking for a good TMJ doctor in the Seattle/Eastside area for a second opinion. Currently I go to WA Orofacial Disorder Center at Northgate, but they want me to get orthodontics to correct my TMJ problem. Since I already had 7 years of ortho as a child, I don't want to revisit this. I live north of Seattle, but am willing to travel as far away as Tacoma.

Anyone have a good recommendation? Thank you.

Whats Up!!

yeah just given a shout out to all ya'll. my name is Damien and i am a 24 year old student over here in ellensburg, going to CWU, a junior,yeah though we need more of you people to come out here on the weekends and help fill the bars and come to the house parties and whatnot, god bless you all, may you all be at peace, be fullfilled, find true love and have long and blessed lives free from suffering and discomfort, peace
sincerely Damien
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(no subject)

Hi all! Restaurants and bars are often a topic of discussion here, so I hope it's ok to suggest a community for restaurant reviews: seattle_eats. It's still in its fledgeling stages, but please come and post your best and worst, new and old favorite places to eat. I'm sure everyone's stomachs look forward to hearing from you!
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(no subject)

The transmission just went out on my 1989 Ford taurus. The best price quote I got to repair her is $1500.00. Ouch! That's too much to spend on a 15 year old car.

Anyone have or know of a good-running car for sale under $1000?

Let me know asap please! and thanks..
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Seattle Municipal Spay/Neuter Clinic

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Seattle Municipal Spay/Neuter Clinic run by the Seattle Animal Shelter. I recently found a cat and decided to keep her, and as she's gone into heat, I need to get her spayed. The vet I took her to for all her shots (NW Vet. Hosp.) is asking $188.50 for doing it, and I'd love to pay less than that, being on a tight Americorps budget. The Spay/Neuter Clinic is only asking $35, and I just wanted a little confidence boost that they aren't a scary traumatizing place that does a bad job. Or, does anyone know of a good vet that offers decent prices in the northern part of town (I'm in the U-district)?
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(no subject)


I think that says it all. We need some new members.

Where the art is (cafe's, galleries, and such)
Who is doing the art ESPECIALLY if it's you.
Gallery openings.
Is your art for sale?
Scholarships, classes...everything.

6 Feet Under

So, this is a post for my mother, who does not have a livejournal...

She just finished watching the whole 1st series of the show "6 feet under" and is interested in watching the 2nd and 3rd series before watching the 4th, which is the current one.

We have looked on amazon.com, and she has checked a few stores, but we cannot find the 2nd and 3rd series...

Any help? Did anyone tape them that lives in the Seattle area that would be willing to share for a short period of time? My mother has completly lost all sense of reality. (No, she hasn't, but she's driving ME insane!)

Thanks :)
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Food for thought

Well. I thought that just, like, Western Washington and Northwestern Oregon were considered the "pacific northwest."

I am wrong.

My English 205 course is focusing on the Great Northwest and APPARENTLY it includes all of the following states:

What the heck??? Where have I been???

Anyway, W. WA. and W. OR. have more in common than E. WA. and E. OR., which most of you know. What you may NOT have known is that they were thinking of splitting those into 2 seperate states.

Western Washington and Oregon combined would have been called Columbia.

Eastern Wa. and Eastern Or. woulda been called Cascadia.

Supposedly they jacked this idea, though.
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face stripes
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Seattle --> SLC, Wed. a.m., copilot sought

I am taking applications for co-pilot, no driving required (permitted? Maybe, but we'll see) for a very low-altitude flight to beautiful, scenic, festive, bachanal, Salt Lake City. That is, in a car. Leather seats, if you're into that sort of thing. Duties include splitting gas costs (should be reasonable), griping at bad road signs and drivers, navigation (aided by a fresh AAA TripTik, state maps, an Atlas, a compass, and quite possibly a GPS device), and handing food to the driver. Oh, and helping put on the tire chains, if it comes to that. When these duties do not press, applicant will be expected to either snore, talk, zone out, read, or whatever else can be done without endangering your entire flight crew.

Past SLC, I'll actually be going on to Las Vegas, but unless you are truly a glutton for punishment (guess I am), that's too long a trip for two in my car, esp. considering that I plan to stop for snoozing and snacking, but not at any hotels or anything.Whereas, just to SLC, it will (at least, it should) just seem like a long but quasi-normal drive :) I might play cheesy mystery audio books, or yammer on about random topics, and maybe we'll be surrounded by cannibals on a snowy mountain pass, who knows?

Leaving early Wednesday -- leave a comment below if you've always wanted to visit Oz.

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Cobblestone Salon

I had my roommate cut off my hair with ordinary scissors. I let it grow for a while, then let my mom "even it up," and then let it grow again. So its high time for a haircut. From web surfing, I picked Cobblestone Salon in Ballard based on location. Has anyone gone there? How did they do, and how were the prices? Is it too fancy for a short-haired girl who normally doesn't even brush her hair, let alone cut it?
Any other recommendations instead?
Many thanks.
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