January 2nd, 2004


Cheap creative dates

Howdy folks,

My girlfriend and I have been together for over two years and seem to be running low on fun stuff to do. It used to be a lot easier when money was around (expensive dinners are usually fun and impressive...), but now we're stuck being cheap. Anyway, I was wondering if any of you had some fun ideas for what to do and/or have done cool stuff in the area on low funds.

Thanks much.

(no subject)

Does anyone know of places where I might be able to get cheap old computers or old computer parts? 486 or Pentium 1 era. And monitors too. Or does anyone have old computers or computer parts they're willing to part with either free or cheaply?


Does anyone go to the YMCA to work out? I'm thinking about joining a gym (my dad said he'd pay for it for Christmas...does anyone else think that's a hint?) and am wondering if the YMCA is any good. Alternatively, does anyone have a gym that they go to that they absolutely love? I've tried Bally's (no...too much high pressure sales), and Mieko's (same...plus they called us every damn day during the whole trial period). I live in northish Seattle, but am willing to drive a bit if the gym and the price is right. I'd like to be able to use a pool, which is one of the reasons I'm thinking about the YMCA. I also don't want to spend a bundle on stupid joining fees, or have to sign a super long contract. I know, I know...a lot to ask, eh? Anyway...any help?

Found Cat, Black and White in Bothell

I'm looking for the owner of a black cat found near Thrasher's Mill Apartment. The cat is young and skinny. She seems to be very friendly. She followed me home on New Year's Eve and was scared of the fireorks. She's small and has short hair.
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