January 1st, 2004

  • thetar

camping recommendations

i know it is a lot early, but i have some time to think about my summer and start putting my to do list together. if any folks have any recommendations on some really great places to camp in wash. state and the northwest i would be glad to hear them.

i have a tent, wife and a son near two. i am looking for some of the following: quite / scenery / sorta flying bug free places / not a lot of people around (excepts are made) / good time of the year to go (weather and temp wise). i have been to some of the state parks such as fort worden, ocean city, and sun lakes state parks and enjoy the woods, mountians, ocean, desert and i only require running water and car access. thanks much and enjoy your year.
Free Child

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Hi all!
So now that you are partied out, you want to go out this weekend but you don't really want to drink all that much and you don't want to go see a boring play or band... So this is where you go...
the quickest theatre festival ever
You can even see me act and represent Cornish next to lots of fabulous local actors, directors and writers. If you've never been to this semi annual event, you must cheeck it out. Just wear a sweater because it can be chilly due to the size of the space!