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the little brown bear read out of his new book.

Sunday Zine Benefit!

SEATTLE – Richard Hugo House's Zine Archives and Publishing Project will present a
multi-media extravaganza, the Video Game Show! The fun will go from 6 p.m. and
continue until 11p.m. at Hugo House (1634 11th Ave., on Capitol Hill); tickets are
$12 dollars at the door, $9 pre-sale at ZAPP. Info is at (206) 322-7030 or

The Video Game Show! is an 8-Bit Exhibition, an appreciation and deconstruction of
video games as play and as art. The event is a benefit for Hugo House's Zine
Archive and Publishing Project and will include all this awesome stuff:

~Interactive video and sound installations from Bonus, Simplicissimus, Truckasaurus
and more!
~Live PA music from Fourthcity deejays Kinoko, Zappan and DJN!
~Rock and Roll from the Umbrellas!
~Multi-media performances from the Slide Rule Cartoonist's Slide Show Group and
Vladimir Solman’s Interactive ViewMasters
~Readings from video game zines like 1-Up and +Pad
~A Gaming Gladiator’s Arena with Pro Players!
~A Costume pageant!

So come along and support ZAPP, play games and get down with your 8-Bit self.

A program of Richard Hugo House, a nonprofit literary arts center, the Zine Archive
and Publishing Project (ZAPP) is a zine library and independent publishing center.
It exists to validate independent publications, to promote the perpetuation of the
art form, and to champion freedom of speech and creative cultural evolution.

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