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Our hero George Clinton said it best when he told his fans "If you ain't gonna
get it on...take your dead ass home!" For the last eight months, that, along
with various other obscene catch-phrases, has been our creed for these FourStar

This, ladies and gentleman, is our final blowout at the Deep Down. The last ever
Four Star Friday! You're thinking to yourself, "Man, I'm really going to miss
Four Star. I should really get out to the last one and celebrate with my
homies." Or perhaps you're saying, "FourStar, eh? I've heard great things about
this night, and I should probably go check it out once and for all." Maybe
you're saying "FourStar? WTF is FourStar and how did I get this email? What a
bunch of tools!" Whatever the case, UHF has spent some seriously quality times
at the Deep Down over the past eight months, and we would love it if you would
come tear the roof off of the sucka (not literally--we can't afford that) one
final time.

The Final FourStar Lineup:

KIPPY (Platinum Records) [Broken House]

This dood looks like a DJ. Even if he didn't work in a record store, you would
see this guy walking down the street in his Esdjco hat and jersey with his DJ
name tattooed on his arm and think "This dood is a DJ." Lucky for us, he's a
good DJ, and he's going to play the jams.

JIZOSH (UHF) [Full House]

This dood is me. I don't really like talking about myself. So, look...you show
up, I'll play the jams, and you shake that ass. That's how it's going to work.
Weapons of Ass Destruction.

CHARLIE B (UHF) [Jiggy House]

There's not a thing that Charlie B can't fix, cuz he can do it in the mix!
Charlie is going to get things heated up proper with his fusion of underground
and commercial house tunes.


Deep Down Lounge (Below Temple Billiards)
126 S. Jackson
Between 1st & Occidental in Pioneer Square


As ALWAYS...it is...
No-cover = Mo drink money!

Shaking asses since Y2K!

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