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auto repair issues - help?

I posted a while ago about our car making a "funny noise", and on recs of some LJ'ers, took our car into the Autohaus.

Well, they found the problem and fixed it, and told it it would cost $XXX. Pricey, but they were very nice, called my husband daily with updates (they were waiting for a part to come in, etc.).

However, imagine his shock when he went to pick up the car yesterday, and the total cost was $XXX + $300! They also did a tune up of the car that cost an additional $127 + labor (equally the $300). They didn't tell us anything about this additional work they were going to do - and when they told us how much it would cost for the overall repair, don't you think they should have included this?

My husband just paid and took the car home because he was in a rush, but I'm pretty peeved. If I call back the shop and ask them why they did the extra service and ask for a refund, do you think they will? Or are we SOL because we already paid and took teh car home.

Help - I'm really furious about this additional charge.

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