mika (adderroo) wrote in seattle,

phones. pdas. internet. and beer.

these are all things that are good to have an interest in to be a happy part of our wdsglobal family
in other words, www.wdsglobal.com is hiring for Wireless Data Technical Support Representative folks.

i do this job.
i think it's one of the nifty-est jobs i've ever had....
as far as tech support jobs go,
it's by far the very very best i've ever had.

pay - not so great, about average ts scale.
bennies - holy moly outstanding benefits, starting the first day of the second month.
people - well, they're geeks.  what else.

and lots of fun toys to play with.
although we call them devices.

the official-ish job description hiding behind the cut...
Position Specification
Job Title
Wireless Data Technical Support Representative
Level 1, Multilingual
WDS Americas Support Center – Kirkland, Washington
Responsible for:
8        No direct reports
Main Purpose of Job

8        To maintain current customer service level agreements by efficiently answering and troubleshooting telephone queries, e-mails and other media interactions for customers who use wireless data products and services; troubleshoot hardware/software issues, identify Network/application issues, provide information on how to set-up/use products, and answer pre-sales questions.

8        To provide our clients with a high level of technical service that ensures WDS remains world leaders in its operations.
Duties & Responsibilities

8        Provide exceptional customer service to internal and external customers.

8        Use trouble ticketing system for tracking customer interactions and problem resolution.

8        Use various administrative tools and online resources for troubleshooting and answering customer questions.

8        To aid self development by familiarizing self with all applicable wireless data products; after initial intensive training, responsible for own learning process on data cards, phones, connectivity equipment, network services, computer hardware, forthcoming products and services and communications software.

8        Be aware and assist with meeting contractual service levels and client satisfaction.

8        Work with Team Leader and colleagues to make sure maximum phone coverage is available at all times including lunches, holidays, testing, training, etc.

8        Contribute ideas to formal forum groups or informally to ensure that WDS continues to improve its effectiveness and environment.

8        Given fair notice, attend training sessions and team meetings.

8        To ensure integrity and confidentiality are maintained through appropriate phone techniques, systems and commercial awareness.

8        Testing and Gathering Knowledge – To facilitate higher knowledge levels and maintain WDS key market advantage, follow testing procedures for mobile data equipment and software as required and enhance the Knowledgebase with new articles based on the testing process in accordance with defined guidelines.

8        To ensure that the office environment is kept in an efficient working state by keeping the desk and surrounding areas tidy and clean. To aid in the implementation of a “close to paperless office” strategy by minimising paper use and utilising office intranet applications.

8        To maintain efficiency of supplied PC by working within the parameters set by the MIS Manager.
Responsible to:

8        Team Leader
8        Call Center Manager

Candidate Qualifications:

1.        Training/Education: High School Diploma, GED or relevant job experience required.
2.        Microsoft Technical certifications preferred.

Mandatory Experience/Skills:

8        Previous Experience as a Call Center Representative focused on Technical Problem Solving and Customer Service.

8        Wireless Industry Skills, ideally Wireless Data Specific.

8        Strong aptitude and knowledge of PC hardware and software, with experience in multiple operating systems.

8        PDA and handheld skills (general functionality and synchronization)

8        Fundamental understanding of internet connectivity (i.e. TCP/IP networking terminology, web [HTTP] and email [POP3/IMAP/Exchange/SMTP] protocols)

Nice to Have:

8        CDMA,GSM, and/or Wireless LAN data support experience.
8        Spanish, Portuguese, and/or French language skills.


if this looks like a job for you, send your resume to me (mikaraar -at- hotmail -dot- com(
and i'll schmooze you in to our happy world.

we're hiring a -lot- of people.

so, yeah.

contact me.

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