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Locating an old friend

I am attempting to locate a friend of mine. His name is Kenny Storm (s?). I have tried online searches, but to no useful end.

Kenny went to Bremerton High School. He was in to Sci-fi conventions. As of four years ago he was weraing his blond hair long, and may still have been weraing the trench coat he wore in high-school. I think he’s somewhere between 23-26.

He’s maybe 6 feet tall, and had a very steady girlfriend.

Last time I saw him (3 or 4 years ago) he and his girlfriend had beeh on a trim up to Vancouver, BC/ Victoria and dropped by my Bellingham apatrment to see me. Since then I have moved to Seattle and changed pretty much all of my contact info, including my last name.

Kenny USED to use the e-mail ( thor at oz dot net), but that stopped working 6 years ago.

My name is Elna, and if you could a.) pass this info to him b.) pass his info to me or c.) give me some pointers on internes searches I would really appreciate it.

I would prefer not to have to pay to find him, as I am a cheapskate / starving student.

Thanks for your help.

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