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So, we're doing a second showing of UNSUNG since the opening was a tremendous sell-out. This is the movie I wrote and co-produced. It features a kick-ass soundtrack by some notable favorites such as

Carissa's Weird, The Catch, Climax Golden Twins, The Decemberists, The Divorce, Juhu Beach, Kinski, Leuko, The Long Winters, Malinks, Notwist, Satan's Pilgrims, Sinestro, The Thermals, Unwound, Visqueen, Atonal, Jen Wood

It's also chock full of great locations such as the Twilight Exit with Steve the Karaoke King playing himself. It's a fun local comedy about the people who make the karaoke videos you see above the performers.

Unsung: The Second Showing
Henry Art Gallery
Sunday, August 1, 3 p.m.
15th Ave NE & NE 41st St.
$5 suggested donation

All of you who missed the premiere have another chance, and if you did make the premiere, give us a hand and send this on to friends or family that might want to see a off-beat comedy and support local filmmakers.

The director and other crew will be in attendance, and there's a rumor that Orlando Bloom will be attending en cognito. Deep cover sort of stuff, very deep. Keep an eye out...

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