Lex-alynn-aleen-arie (baidy) wrote in seattle,

Heya, I work for Radio Disney and we offer a free assembly program to local elementary schools. During the school year we always get WAAAY over booked because the program is so popular but we have trouble getting schools signed up for the fall and winter months, because school has just begun. What they don't know is this is a GREAT way to start a new school year and get the kids pumped full of school spirit.

So this goes out to all parents/siblings/nannies of elementary students, we have a FANTASTIC, totally free program called "Rockin' Recess". It's a ton of fun for the kids. In fact, every school we've ever been to in the past has requested us back the following year. There is no catch at all. It's an educational, fast paced, get on your feet sort of assembly and it's my job to make sure we fill 2 spots per month.

If you have any contact with any elementary schools at all and if you think they might be interested in this assembly please send me an email and then I'll fill you in a little bit more about the assembly, plus we have a packet I can send out.

my e-mail is alynnabug@hotmail.com

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