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A shamelss plug, I admit

For those who dig good music (some form of rock).

I'm a composer/musician who takes the art form very seriously. I'm in the process of recording an album. But the problem is, I'm a bit meticulous - so I consider everything I've done so far to be nothing more than a demo. But I thought I'd share this stuff with you anyway.

I'm trying to build a fan base from the ground up...allowing for a more interactive experience. This means that I'll be sharing a bunch of demos, etc with those who sign up to receive my newsletter. You'll get to hear everything from "works-in-progress" - mistakes and all - to the finished product. I would like to encourage any of you who really dig music to explore my website and join the mailing list.

I won't spam you - I promise...I only send out newsletters about once a month.

I figure this is a good way to share my music with others and perhaps make a few groovy friends as well. The website also has a discussion forum...which is open to any topic concerning music - mine or anyone else's.

I love to talk music with others, and I am interested in what some of the other musicians in this community are doing.

So here are the links:

Website: www.theopenexperience.com

A couple of songs:
Catastrophe of Interaction (5.43 MB)
Saving Grace (6 MB)

Mailing list and forum: The Connection Page

Thank you for your tolerance in allowing me to post such a shameless display of self-promotion.

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