Karin (citrus_chick) wrote in seattle,

are you sitting around during the day just being lazy and need to make some cash.
well i have a job that is super super easy and pays 10.72 and hour. you would be working for the lake washington school district and all you would have to do is either hold a hose or spray some chemicals on the carpets or use a machine that shampoos the carpet. it is super easy, yes a bit boring but you are making 10.72 an hour for mostly sitting around doing nothing. this is a once in a life time offer and wont be around long, the hours would change to 6;30-2;30 or something like that instead of 1-9 and that would make me so much happier because then you still have most of the day to do stuff. so if you are even the least bit interested leave a message here.

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