Ophelia (my_ophelia) wrote in seattle,

I really need another copy of my Difuser CD.

A couple years ago I met the drummer in a sociology class at Seattle Central. He gave me a copy of his CD, and I fell in love (with the music, not him).

Haven't spoken to him since that class, and his band isn't really that well known. But I can't find the CD.

I had totally forgotten about it, except I just got some older Modest Mouse, and realized, they sound alot alike But for some reason I just don't like Modest Mouse, and I miss Difuser.

Ugh, if anyone in the area knows how to get ahold of Buz Ras, or the "Difuser" CD please let me know.
It's called "Evil Monkey Trio"

Technically they hail from Tulsa, but I know he lived in the seattle area for a while.

Edit: Yes, I've searched teh intarweb high and low. Google sends me to "Diffuser" with two f's, but that's not them. Buz Ras isn't his real name, so I can't look him up. He's about six foot nine, blonde, and rides a motorcycle. He sort of stands out.

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