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Hey everyone! Come to the show this Friday at The Paradox!

Always All Ages
July 23, 2004
Doors @ 8:00pm
1401 NW Leary Way, Seattle

Woke Up Falling
Mon Frere
Spanish for 100

With acoustic and electric guitars, drums, bass, Rhodes, Mototron, and a few gadgets and tricks, Mindhead spreads out a rolling, twisting soundscape that ranges from upbeat pop-rock to slowly-building epics of beauty and tension. From poignant, string-laden ballads to dark, intense, art-rock thunder.

Falling somewhere between the perfect Cure album, if Robert Smith had had a few too many cups of coffee, and a more modern post punk band like Jimmy Eat World or even Sunny Day Real Estate, Woke Up Falling is taking the concept of a particular genre and polishing the rough edges, dropping the harshness, and filling it out with a soaring beauty that doesn¹t seem to fade away just when you start enjoying it. The bass lines and some of the guitar curls keep picking out notes of happy goth beauty, while the drums shimmer with a sparkle and reverb that is not often heard. The vocals are dynamic and stretched over it all. The space and size are controlled, leaving only the heartbeat you feel as the music plays.

With Nouela Johnston on keyboards, Kyle Swisher on guitar, and David Haasl on drums, Mon Frere sass up an energetic indie rock aesthetic with catchy beats and dance rhythms, topped off with some pretty powerful female vocals.

Embodying the tradition of indie songwriting but sidestepping it’s conventions, Spanish For 100's "Newborn Driving" pays homage to the art of strong pop melodies, english amps, and thinline telecasters. Corey Passons’ vocals evoke a Neil Young-like truthfulness with energy that cuts a swath of sincerity through a wall of guitars not heard since the heyday of Walt Mink.

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