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DNC Bloggers: Q&A

Yesterday, two sets of questions were sent to two dozen credentialed Democratic National Convention bloggers. Below is the Q&A from Seattle based Natasha C with Pacific Views.

If you have additional questions for Natasha or other DNC bloggers, please post them in comments. Other online DNC Bloggers Q&A sessions will be available on the Fahrenheit 911 Blog. (f911filmblog)

F911 Questions:
>Have you seen Fahrenheit 9/11?


>Thumbs Up/Down?

Loved it. As many have said, the second half worked better than the first, but throughout it showed a lot of things that in one fashion or another I should have already seen on the news.

>If you haven’t seen the film, why not? Will you see it
>on DVD before the election?
>Will the Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD sway voters?

It's hard to say. Probably people will rent it at the video store who might not go see the movie at a theater. It likely won't sway the decided, but it might firm up the swing vote for Not Bush.

>What do you think about John Kerry’s decision to not
>see or comment on the film?

Very smart. I say that selfishly, because I don't want to listen to a week's worth of talking head segments with the implied subtitle 'Does John Kerry hate America as much as Michael Moore.' Stay away, John, until a DVD can be smuggled into an undisclosed location for your viewing entertainment.

Conservatives are great at guilt by association, witness the claims that Iraq was close enough to al Qaeda to have been involved with the group in a nebulous fashion which justified turning their country into an ammo dump.

>Is it OK for state/local Democratic offices to promote
>the film (Democratic Party of Hawai'I)?

Sure, why not. The press barely cares what the state parties do, anyway.

Tremendous excuse to get a bunch of Democrats together and show them that, contrary to what you might see on television, they aren't alone.

>Michael Moore: DNC asset/liability? Opinion?

As the situation stands, considering that Moore is acting on his own behalf and isn't a Democrat or official spokesperson, he couldn't be more help. If he was official, the party would have to publicly disown him after a week's worth of talking head segments with the implied subtitle 'Does the Democratic Party hate America as much as Michael Moore.' Witness the fuss over Moore referring to Bush as a deserter at a Wesley Clark event during the primary, a claim which the Bush team has failed to disprove or be forthcoming about, and for which there's more evidence than a Saddam-al Qaeda partnership.
Blogging The DNC Questions:
>What digital equipment will be used to cover the

Digital recorder & camera, laptop.

>How many people from your group will be attending the

For Pacific Views, just me. For King County Democrats, the County Chair Greg Rodriguez will also be blogging, though he's going as a delegate.

>How many contributors will be updating the blog off

At Pacific Views, there are three other contributors besides myself. At KC Dems, there's the two of us as mentioned, though Greg might try to convince some delegates to supply guest postings.

>What mainstream news sources will be used to track
>convention stories?

When I'm checking the mainstream press, my first stop is always Google News, it's my browser homepage for convenience. Sometimes I check the Guardian, as well.

>What interviews, meeting are currently scheduled at
>the convention?

None at present.

>What is the budget to attend the convention?

I've been trying to avoid thinking about it. Somewhere under my credit limit, and with equipment costs, somewhere over the amount I'm going to earn next month.

>Where are the funds coming from for the trip to

Have gotten some donations off the site, and some friends from the local Dean campaign apparatus have been doing more traditional fundraising for me.

>Do you know your way around Boston?

No, never been.

>How many days will you be in Boston?

At least five.

>Is there any coordinating of stories, transportation,
>rooms, meals, etc with other credentialed bloggers?

There's a plan floating around for drinks on Sunday, and the DNCC will
be hosting a breakfast for us on Monday. Other than that, nothing that I
know of.

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