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Does a website like this exist?

I realize this may be off-topic for Seattle, but usually I first turn to my friends and neighbors for assistance.

Does a website like this exist?

A place where consumers may report: unfair business practices, incidents of horrible customer support, fraudulent or misleading advertising, unfulfilled product promises, and other unpleasant experiences with a company, online retailer or product...

so that when an individual (potential future customer doing product research) enters the company or product name into a web search engine, the above reporting website pops up closer to the top of the results list than at page 17 or something.

Right away I think of Kaplan's fuckedcompany.com, but I think that's more for people ranting for the places they work for. I've already found the agencies for the NY state A.G., eBBB, Consumer Reports, FTC and other official agencies to report things and possibly get a solution.

Thank you.

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