maren. (petty_thug) wrote in seattle,

Visiting Seattle

Hello everyone!

I'm visiting Seattle in early August for a few days (Aug 5-10 or 11) with my family, but they will be driving home starting the 9th, and I will be staying until the 10th or 11th by myself (I'm 18). Anyway, I was hoping there was someone here willing to clue me in to some local entertainment, how to use the public transit system (including the best way to get back to the airport!), and any other interesting places or events to check out that wouldn't necessarily show up in the tour guide (you guys know how those work...not guaranteed to be the best source of local info). I'd appreciate any advice or help-- I like to shop (funky-punky/Goth kindsa stuff), I like going to shows (loud music), I'm into just wandering around fun places where I can meet interesting people. On second thought, I'm not sure that that previous sentence actually gave any distinctive information. :-)

Please reply here or on AIM: freezedrieddaisy

Thanks again, and I appreciate any help anyone can give me!

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