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You can help with my Seattle wi-fi/social-software research


This summer I'm working at Intel Research Seattle, exploring ways that online relationships, such as those based on LiveJournal, can move into the offline (“real”) world -- and learning what online services can add to face-to-face conversation. The project will be open to anyone in or near Seattle, but we think Seattle-area LiveJournal people can especially benefit from what we're building.

An important part of our research is to learn how people here interact and use wi-fi (wireless Internet) in public and semi-public places here, so we've put together a short survey that addresses these issues. If you live in or near Seattle and use wi-fi (wireless Internet access), you can help us immensely by taking a few minutes to answer this brief survey. Your responses will be kept completely anonymous:

At the end of the survey, you'll be told how to get more involved if you're interested in helping to test out the tools that we build this summer.

We're trying to get as many responses as we can, so if you think this is interesting it would be great if you could spread the word by linking to this posting in your own journal. Here's a link to this post:

Also, please spread the word to any non-LiveJournal friends who use wi-fi around Seattle too. Send them to the survey here: http://ljsurvey.notlong.com



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